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A Question About Makin A Shawl

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  • A Question About Makin A Shawl

    royal blue Hey Sup Ya'll?...
    I was just wondering a few things, I'm makin myself a fancy shawl outfit this year which is a first for me cuz i'm just startin to dance n' all that, and i'm planning on puttin :Rainbow taffetta on top of my material for the shawl, but i also want a fire sun :Flaming: design on the shawl without the material lookin too stiff (like with heat n bond)where the design is, i want it to be able to move. I was wonderin if anyone knows how i could do this??? Any suggestions would be great!!!!

    Thanx, Much Luv Peace N" Bannock Grease!!:24:
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    There are two ways you can handle this. 1. Pin it in place while you applique it or 2. use heming tape and just tape down the edges. With Pining it, it can still move quite a bit. With heming tape, it can goober up your needle causing you to remove it every other minute. Good luck with it!
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      hey u give good clear advice...what do u think about how wide a shawl should b? I mean lengthwise is for me about 70-75inches, but width, I think myne right now is from my shoulders to just past my about 36 inches then my fringe is about 26 inches...Im making a new shawl and thinking of making it shorter, but I dont wanna go tooooo short, maybe 32-33. What do u think about this?
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        General rule for all shawls is to have the width part of the shawl to go just past your butt. NO exceptions out here. I used to fancy dance (until my knees gave out and my asthma kicked my a&&) so on my fancy shawls I had the ribbon fringe at 14 inches; just so it touches the ground.

        Remember, its not how long it is, but the way you work your shawl ( doh! that almost ended up the wrong way!:p )
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          thanks 4 ur input...yeah i think that i must b taller than u...but overall that (ur info) is what I am going to do this week ... I have 2 days off of work and I am spending them sewing...thanks again
          aLWAys KEep yOUr werds SOFT AN sweET, jUST iN cASE U HAFTA eat THEM...


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            Thanx A lot LilFancygrl!!! I wasn't too sure of how to handle the situation, and you've helped me a great deal. So thank you very much for your help!!:worthy: :blow:
            ~~~ I Put My Lyfetyme In Between The Paperz Lynez~~~


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              Awl...your welcome ladies! Just get out there and kick up some dirt..Aye!
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                My friend she made her flaming shawl out of t-shirts and it came out good.

                But all you need to do is get your design and put it on your shawl before you do your ribbons then you sew it on your shawl or stich it, that's how I make mine and it dosen't stiffen.


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