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    I'm working on some outfits to give to some young teen girls who want to dance fancy. I have their colours - and all the fabric....but I've been stumped lately...anybody with ideas where I can go to get design/motif ideas? These young girls are just coming back - they were lost mocs....and so I feel it's important to start them off somewhere...but, they don't know what they want on their outfits. Can anyone help? (I'm not looking to 'copy' a design - I'm just looking for ideas to motivate me...) Enaabigas? Please?
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    This website actually has a lot of photos of fancy shawl dancers. Get them to browse thru and ideas will pop up for you. Good luck! :indian1:


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      Hope im not to late

      you mite be done already but ill share what i do since the girls know you are sewing for them sit them down and see what they mite like I find that the wearer mite be more in to the project if they can share some in put ,now that only works if the person knows you are doing something for them what I mean by that is ive been known to sew/bead for people who dont know about it wich at times makes it hard to figure out what exactly im going to do. My little ones cant wait to put on their outfits when they know they helped create them, but look at pics see what the in thing is and have fun with it.
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