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  • hummmm

    there lots of dancer out there that see a pattern on another dancer and then copy it for there self or they try to chance it around so it wont look the same. when people do this they do not know what the patter is they just think it look cool, so they just use it. i seen pattern on women thats is supost to be use on a man or the pattern is a famley desine. people should not steal othere people pattern and don't be lazy and just make there own pattern.

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    That is true. People do that all the time. I don't think that its right.
    When I make designs or patterns it takes me a long time to think of something Kewl or real Keen.
    I saw this one girls outfit one time and it was the same way as Ramona Roaches "Old Man" outift. She had the same style cape, leggins, colors (the same places) except on her back she had an eagle. This was at Hermitage Pow Wow a long time ago. I thought that was just plain...NOT GOOD!
    Some people may say that you should feel honored that someone wants to copy you but man if I sit down and ponder and ponder adn kick a kewl one out, yah I am gonna be mad if someone copies it. That's not right.
    Get up and get out!


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      I agree. If I see something I think is cool that is all. I don't try to copy it. If I am designing something and I think it looks even kind of like someone else's or if me and my Sis are working on new stuff together and one of us says" Bah that reminds me of so and so's outfit ", then we stop and start all over.
      I am an original and that is how I want to be thought of, not as that girl who copies people's outfit's and designs.

      But if it's Tooter then well, that's ok! "Cause then it's a family thang!!! Hahahaha :39:
      Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

      Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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        hey toot, this is fancyfingers, sorry i havent been in touch, i agree about people stealing designs, jeez thats the hardest part of making a outfit, hello to everyone, see ya soon at some pw,s i hope, luv ya
        Sallie D


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          HEY WOMAN!

          I tell you what. THere is no way in the world that someone can even come close to copying you FancyFingers (your beading style). My outfits say it all. YOu know I have had you do everyone of them and no beads have popped off except in a few tiny places.

          The last one you did for me was AWESOME. That style of cape and that Bird was so hard to come up with. When you brought it to me in Phili when I was on tour, GOOD GAWD woman I bought hit the floor. I know it was hard for you to give it up but I am so proud to wear what you make me adn I will cherish them forever. Even the wolf one still looks brand new. I still have the shoes and no beads have came off them either (Dang, enit? Back in the day it was all about beaded shoes) hee hee.

          YOU GO B!
          Get up and get out!


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