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  • to edge or not to edge?

    Do you edge bead your capes to finish them or do you use bias tape or something similar? I usually use bias tape, but I'm making a new one and not sure if that will look good with my design. Which will last longer? Thanks!

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    That is a good question, I would like to know as well
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      Hmmm...I really don't know. I've seen some girls with fully beaded capes that aren't edged at all. Some have the ribbon fringe, so a lot of them aren't edged because of that either. However some girls do edge bead their capes if it doesn't have fringe. Speaking of, is it more of the style now to not use fringe on the cape?? I'm also making a new outfit...

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        It's your design you need to go with what you think looks best your heart will guide you in the right direction as to which would be used the best.
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          Sometime if I get stuck like that I draw a picture using my son's crayons. I make the picture look like my stuff and then draw with a beaded edge or with a bias tape edge.
          Myself I use a bias tape edge just because it is easier. I think beaded edges look super keen if done nicely though!!!!
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            If I'm making a sequined cape I always edge w/bias tape. Been putting ribbon fringe on the sequin capes and some type of sparkly little trim all around (you could use a metallic ric rac, or rhinestones...whatever looks pretty). I like beaded edges on beaded capes that don't have any fringe but, like another person said, if you're going to put a fringe on the cape then it'll be easier if you use bias on the edge.



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              edge or bias?

              One of my friends had the edging on her cape all beaded, and she said that it added a lot of extra weight!! But it did look really nice. Me I personally just use the bias tape.


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                Edging with Beades does make it heavier. Fancyfingers edged one of my capes and it is heavier that the last one she did. I usually just use bias tape to do my girls outfits and other peoples stuff. THe good thing about bias tape when it wears out you can change it and change the colors. On one of my blue outfits that Jolene Redman did it had bias tape it got dirty so I changed it to Silver RIbbon and it really stands out now.

                I think that it is a personal choice. I do have fringe on my yellow outfit but it is only on the tail of the eagle. It's keen shaped cape that me and fancyfingers pondered over for a long time. She did and awesome job on it. You can use horse hair to make fringe on your capes too. But you use it spareingly though so you won't look gawdy.

                I think that it saves a lot of time when you just use bias tape, but whatever you use I'm sure it will look nice.
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                  I like fringe. My mom came up with this cool layered ribbon fringe idea that I've gotten compliments on. I think fringe or no fringe depends on the design on your shawl, b/c you don't want to cover it up.


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