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  • Satin shawls

    More and more fancy shawls out there are being made of satin and other lightweight fabrics. Are these shawls made with just the one layer of fabric or are they lined with something to give them a little more weight?

    Are the double-sided shawls basically two sides sewn together?

    Jeez, its hard to keep up with the changing styles sometimes! Guess I gotta get out of the house more often!

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    Yep, the double sided shawls are just two pieces of fabric, sewn together inside out. Then, you flip it right side out and sew up the remaining little hole.

    I like double sided shawls with two different colors. One is made out of "silkessence" (some thin fabric, I don't remember what it's made from but I'll ask my mom) on both sides. But then the applique and ribbon fringe weights it down.

    Another is one side silkessence and the other side metallic confetti dot print. With that one, my mom had to sew the two pieces together down the middle, because the weight of the confetti dot made it "fall in" (the confetti dot was on the inside). Once they were sewn together, it hangs fine. Again, the fringe and applique at the bottom weights it down fine.

    I've seen some people that just take a piece of fabric and sew fringe to it, and I don't like that. I like having double sided ones, even if it is the same color on the inside and outside.

    Hope this helps!


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      I make my shawl s just single layer with the design sewn on. I sew my fringe on also. The added weight of the designs and fringe keep the shawl from being flimsy. I suggest you use a good satin though like a bridal satin. From expeirence that is the best grade to use and the strongest satin.

      Good luck!
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        Thanks for the scoop ladies. I just try your suggestions with the next shawl I make. I've got an outfit in mind that will be black, white and hot pink.


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          I perfer the satin shawls by far. I think they look neater and can make all the differnce. I agree that you do need to get good sating as well. I actully use a satin called monese, which is more expernsive than bridal satin, but it holds up better as well. It is a little thicker and can be thrown into the washer with no problems. You iron it once and you don't have to worry about it for a while again. It is truly great. The only thing is that the brighter colors are harder to find. You are better are using the brighter, cheaper sating for applique work. Hope you venture works out well.
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            ooohhh I love bridal satin, nice and tough!!!
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              Yeah, that heavier satin makes sense to me. I'll look for some.

              When doing applique onto the satin, do you use a tear-away stabilizer so the satin doesn't pucker when sewing? Or something else?


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                I like satin, but I always worry about being able to keep it clean...and those darn wrinkles:Cry !


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                  Oooh, this is GREAT stuff!

                  I just got some satin for my shawl, but I blew it on the width...only 42" and it needs to be 60" DOH!

                  Does it come that wide?
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                    I'm telling you girls, monese is the way to go. It does come that wide, but you have to convert it. It is one of those fabrics that you have to get a difference measurement for, like it you need it 60, you have to be sure and ask the person who is cutting it if that is the equilvalent. But, seriously this stuff is wonderful. You can throw in in the washer and don't have to worry about it fading of getting worn. I throw my entire outfit in the washer with no problems. As for the wrinkles, I can only tell you how great it is. You would have to see it for yourself, because I have never had any luck with any other satin. I only iron my outfit as soon as it gets out of the dryer and thats only to make it look crisp, other than that I don't touch it every again. I fold it and it handles beautifully. Good luck!
                    p.s. about the stabilizer i've never used it I always just handle it with heat and bond . I use heat and bond to bond it down with an iron an then I sew the applique on top. Be sure to get the light or the heavy will make it too stiff. Using heat and bond also works wonders when trying to fight the wrinkles, this way you never have to worry about it puckering because its stuck to it.
                    ~~I'm not settlin for anything less than everything~~



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                      Ditto on the heat and bond. My mom does applique the same way as Natiger.


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                        Thanks for the tip! I was bashing my head in trying to find the 60" satin I needed and finally found someone who sold the Monese satin! And the funny thing was the same place I got the satin for my daughter's jingle dress over a week ago. LOL

                        Wish me luck, y'all
                        Instead of telling God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is!


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                          WELL LET US KNOW HOW IT TURNS OUT????


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                            getting there

                            As soon as I can get some pics together, I'll show you guys what I have so far for my new outfit. Then I'll post a poll and you all can help me pick a color or two for a shawl to go with it. Won't that be fun?:)


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                              I'd LOVE to help you with your colors...

                              just as soon as the bumps on my head heal from trying to decide our own colors. LOL
                              Instead of telling God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is!


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