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  • Why?

    Why do you dance Jingle instead of another style? What makes you choose this style of dance instead of another?
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    One reason would be becuase there aren't hardly any jingle dancers down here. I first wanted to do fancy shawl, but it seems like everyone wanted to do that too. I just want to be different.
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      I dance this because it is spiritual for me, it heals myself, and my close family and friends when I dance.

      I do this because I love to dance, and have felt it was a "calling" to dance jingle. Who knows, maybe in the future I might switch, it depends what the creator puts in my path:)


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        Because I love it.

        When I was 5 yrs, my dad took us on a trip back home to Minnesota. There was a pow-wow while we were there. The jingle dress dancers were so beautiful in velvet and cotton dresses. I fell in love with the sound of the jingles and the style of the dance. This was in 1963 and the style was different from what is popular today. It is the style I dance and makes me happy.
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          :2: I dance jingle because I love to dance. I enjoy it with all my heart. I like the way it feels to hear an awesome song and to just be in the zone. I like sewing and designing all my dresses with my own style and signature. And people ask how I come up with my designs cuz they're so different than other people's. Even though I dance with a lot of other women I still feel very unique and blessed when I'm out there.:Rainbow


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            It was something I really didn't decide to do.I was a FancyShwal dancer from the time I was 2.I was happy doing that because I just love to dance.Then in 2000 a strong desire was placed in my heart to do jingle.So I went to my mom and told her what I feeling.She said if it was something I wanted to do I had to do it in the right way.So she sent me to talk to Elders,Respectded Jingle dancers,So then after much preparition I cut and rolled my jingles myself.We put my dress together and then in that August on my 16 birthday I had my comeing out.
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