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making and sewing on the Cones ?

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  • making and sewing on the Cones ?

    Thank you, o-styo-jngl, for your reply to my question on how to best string and attach cones. bias tape is a good idea !

    I am still in the process of "rolling my own", so it will be a little while before I get to string and attach them to the dress.

    This is my first jingle dress, and i would still love to hear from some others, with any advise, on the best way to cut, roll, string and attach the cones. I have already learned a lot, but would still like to hear how others manage their cones. Always looking for ways to improve.

    Thanks for any and all input.
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    Awohali! welcome to the jingle dancer's world!!!!! LOL well i am happy to hear that you are becoming a jingle dancer... I am just finishing up my second dress..... i was supposed to have one every year but this one was delayed...

    I have a suggestion to make life a little easier when making your jingle dress. I was told by my mentor that you can sew all the knoted hangs on your dress and if you are rolling your own jingles then you can roll them loose enough to pull over the knot and then clamp them...... Instead of putting all the hangs in the jingles and then sewing them on one by one. When i say hangs i am meaning the Bias tape.... and if you are not using bias tape it is ok but let me warn you now, it will not last as long most of the time. my friend used shawl fringe and ribbon and her jingles cut right through it and they few off when she was dancing........ THAT IS NOT GOOD!!!!..... well if you have anymore questions just ask there are tons of people on here to help you with almost anything. Well i hope this helps

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      Thanks n8tivechick!
      You saved my life!
      Since I have the same problem (cones cutting through the ribbon!) I got new ideas now on how to repair it.
      Thanks a lot!
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        Your welcome Selina! i hope you use the bias tape and not the ribbon... well i have to say that the ribbon does look better but i wish they make the bias tape in like metalics or something

        Have anymore questions???? Just ask!

        If you lose the drum beat of the creator, you are lost in life - Aanishnabe

        You say I don't look indian? Well you don't look stupid, but looks can be deceiving!


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          thanks n8tivechick!
          it is always nice to get some information on those subjects.
          since i live in europe, it is not easy to obtain information on powwow subject including crafts.
          everything i know i learned from books.
          so it is very interesting to get infos from this forum.
          thanks a lot. now i know where to turn when i need help.
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