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Who does nice beawork in Jingle?

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  • Who does nice beawork in Jingle?

    I am really curious to know who does nice, neat beadwork in the Jingle category. There are a lot of ladies that do their own beaded outfits and those who do not .....just wanna know who does good work:)

    My personal faves are: Yvette Ewalk..I know she does a lot of her own beadwork..has one that was made by Ruby Mcarthur..but thats all I know.
    Della Stump...nice crow style, neat beadwork.
    Sharon Eagleman has nice beadwork her designs and dresses.
    Nelly Goodwill does all her own stuff...and her husband and kids.
    Christy Yuzicappi does her own outfits her beaded vest.
    Jennifer Hamilton...don't know if she does her own stuff.
    Tarrisa Spoonhunter....don't know if she does her own beadwork.
    Denise One star...not sure either.....sorry

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    Chepa, BJ Mcdaniel, Yvette Ewok, Sharon Eagleman, Duanna LaPlant are my favs.


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      My favorites are Sharon Eagleman's blue and orange beadwork, Chepa's new white beadwork, and Dorothy Crowfeather's blue beadwork......they all did their own beadwork.


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        BJ McDaniel and Cree Standing Rock
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          Sandy Ariwite of Ft. Hall does really nice old style and contemporary beadwork. She beads her own beadwork as well as her daughter, December Ariwite. Check her out sometime! She takes custom orders!!:Chatter
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            Any samples of these peoples beadwork online so we can check it out? Do they have their own websites?


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              Here's to you girl! A big thumbs up!:D


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                jingle dancing who does nice beadwork in jingle?

                i know that denise one star does all of her families beadwork and that she makes and sells jingle dresses. probably beadwork too. we both live in the same rez thats how i know!! the beautiful rosebud lakota sioux nation!


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                  Ali Denny doez some kick A$$ beadwork. Shez really good at making all of her own regalia.
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