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    Who do you think makes/has the best dresses? Who is innovative and outstanding?

    I like the detail and quality of Jennifer Hamilton.
    The classic style and simpleness of Yvette.
    The use of color and intricate design of BJ.
    The innovativeness and williness to try different cuts, fabrics, & designs of Winona Kingbird.
    The designs and good fit of Grace Push.

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    Henrietta McGurk makes some nice dresses....:)
    I like the colours she uses and designs.
    Tahnee William's mom makes some really intricate dresses.
    I also like Harriet Newman's dresses...don't know who makes her dresses.
    Oh yeah...and me...:rainbw:


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      I would have to say that Jennifer Hamilton's dresses are some of the nicest that I've seen. Her dresses are always unique and very colorful. Others that are nice are Cepa Two Eagle, her dresses are always bright and well, just look nice. Winona and Yvette's dresses are also unique. Denani (John Murie's girlfriend) makes Harriet Newman's dresses. She does very nice work.
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        I love Challis Beetso's dresses. They are so nice. She popped out with A couple of new ones at Apache Gold Casino's pow-wow.
        I also love Ursula Kanuho's dresses too! They are so nice and colorful. And I JUST LLLOOOOVVVEEEE Tahnee Williams dresses. I love her style, it is like one of a kind, unique. NIce ideas guys, keep it up!!


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          Geri makes Harriet Newman's dresses there bad aren't they??? They are tha bestI've have seen throughout tha pow-wow world!!!Nnobody can make better!!
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