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    Hi Eeveryone, My daughter which is 8 years old is wanting to be a Jingle dress Dancer and I would like to know how we can do this. We have Cherokee desendents but no way as of now to prove this. We have now just started going to Pow Wows and my daughter has express a desire to dance. :Help

    Can you please explain the steps that I need to go to get her involved. Wado, Wally


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    the steps are various!
    basically you dance on the ball of your feet!
    the basic step is that you tip with one of your feet forward and then back again. repeat the step with your other foot. never forget to jump slightly to the beat of the drum while doing your steps. that is the basic.
    you can vary the steps as long as your up and down movement is in the rythm of the drum.
    the best way to learn dancing is to watch othe dancers at a pow wow!

    if you have the possibility make a video and watch the step variations of the dancers at home!

    hope i could help you and your daughter a little bit :)

    see ya
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      Thank you for your help Salina, Yes that will help me get started, but what I need to know is how I can get her in to dance. What is the protcal for this? I will be talking to an elder the next time I am at a pow wow, but need to know what to ask. Wally


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        talking to an elder is a very good thing!
        maybe he invites you (your daughter), then the half way is done.
        otherwise take her to pow wows and let her dance at the intertribals first.
        when you get to know other dancers they may invite you for the next time.

        just an idea.

        let me know of the progress!

        do you have a dress for her? have you already started making it? do you have a pic?

        see ya
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          I haven't made hera dress yet. I am tryingto get the information and tryingto get an idea fo howthe dress should be made. I don't want to just throw it together. i want to do it right. I have been working on beaded rosettes, and that isa slow process. I need to work on them more than i do. As for thedress if i had some kind of patern i can go gy and to also get and idea from I would knowwhat to do. Yes I will keep you informed and will send pictures as soon as the dress is together. If you have any ideas on the dress i would be great ful. Wa'do, Wally


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            there are a lot of sources on the net for a dress.

            there are a few pics on my own site. as well.
            take a look, if you like!
            also the gathering of nations website has many things.

            hope i could help :)

            see ya
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              hello...well the easiest way to make a jingle dress
              is to purchase a jingle dress pattern...which you have
              choice one for girls or one for women...
              you can find these on nocbay (
              or crazycrow(
              and also wanderingbull inc. (
              also they have one auctioned off on
              for the dress:
              you will need jingles
              material(tafeta or cotton polyester -heavy)
              if you use light wait can double it and use
              bias tape
              -at theres a neat little item that you can purchase
              to make bias tape or you can just purchase it ..its comes in various colors..
              ribbon (not silk)
              sewing machine of course
              the pattern packet will show you step by step on how to make a jingle dress
              and theres many varieties to choose from
              on they have a magazine shown
              for jingle dress..its #7 of whispering wind
              they show many styles of jingle dresses...but its very important
              not to copy...for her i would start off something very basic and simple
              later as she grows she'll develope her own styles
              jingles can be purchased at http://:
              or at
              there is no number of jingles required for girls to wear
              but if you get ones already rolled...i would suggest you buy at least one seperately or cut off
              a lid of the soup can...bleach it to get smell off and let air dry...cut off sharp rims and show her while
              doing this...and give her a pair of gloves(heavy/thick)to put on and show her how to roll the jingle
              that way she can get instructions on how to do that through noc.bay under their
              "Learning circle"...they also sell cone turners for 3.50 i think...when you order that make sure that you ask for them to send you instructions on how to roll jingles..
              also before she begins jingle she has to know the meaning behind the dance...and behind powwows..
              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
              these are very important b/c traditionally it was worn to keep warm and also women were only allowed to show their legs to their husband...
              i would have her start out with plain leggings until she know how to bead and knows her own nations designs (ask elder preferrably a woman)you can make them out of white deerskin or smoked or can
              see if noc bay has instructions on how to make leggings...i think for children between 2-3 sq.ft
     can give you more information on sq.ft. and how many and what type is best and how to make moccasins...

              I would just go ahead and purchase white deerskin thong (from nocbay) and 2 hole abalone shell or white/pink shells with 2 holes...usually purchase the same type of shell and same shape only with 1 hole to make earrings if she has her ears pearsed or beaded earring small rosette earrings are better
              not so heavy weight..

              most jingle dancers have fans some dont can puchase a fan kit through nocbay or make you own...they sell goose feathers there...they do sell a goose feather fan kit...but i would highly recommed useing different deerskin...they include a instruction pamphlet on how to stitch..
              she can also use fan that has been passed down in there are any

              Medicine pouch:
              can be simple plain one or one that has been given to can purchase some through nocbay or

              she can either wear a scarf with a shell( 2hole) tieing the scarf or scarf slide(from noc bay)
              she could also wear a choker too...beaded or bone choker (not immitation bone)
              you can purchase one through noc bay or ebay sells them too..
              some dancers wear a scarf and carry a scarf along with their pouch

              she can either wear or not wear a plume...plume kits are sold throuhg noc bay
              (continue on next message)


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                I would suggest to start the way selina says it seems to be
                the easiest...but eventually she will have to learn how
                to side step too
                ...later on she will learn her own may take a while
                ...going to powwows and asking other jingle dancers
                there questions is the best way to go...have her learn
                from watching...someone there might even teach her
                to dance...which is great b/c she'll learn from experience
                the best way to learn is from a elderly jingle dancer...they
                are the most respected and who has the most experience
                she may switch from one dance style to another later on but
                thats good too b/c shes learning lessons...
                I would not suggest that she take money considering
                it is considered to be a sacred dance...
                I hope all of this helps
                becca :D


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                  You're absolutely right, hidatsachic24!

                  there are also videos to learn from how to dance, but the best thing is to go to powwows and watch and ask!

                  I hope your daughter becomes a great dancer!
                  Give her my regards!

                  See ya

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                    Aw Ho Silena, I want to thank you and Hidatsachic24 for the great input. You have been such a blessing to me. I will be reffering to your sight Selina much. I have been making rosettes for my girls hair now and finished one practice set with a 0/8 bead but now working on a new set with 0/14 glass bead. Thank you once again. Wally

                    Oh Ya if there is more that you can tell me i am all ears. I love your out fit you mad Hidaatsachic24...very well done.

                    I do have another question...If I can't find the tribe of Cherokee we are from ( frustrated) how do I find a design that will fit her asd far as the Cherokee? I seen the 2 on the one sight of the 2 girls. can you explain this one..I know full of questions Wally


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                      well with the cherokee designs..i would either talk to someone who may know in the family
                      or see if there is a person who is cherokee descent
                      in this message board...or even looking under yahoo under
                      cherokee...and email the tribal council for someone to
                      referr you to to email....i think cherokee being thats its eastern
                      usually use alot of floral designs...there is a website i can referr you to
             i come up with any other information
                      later today i'll let you know...sorry i cant be of too much help there
                      considering im not cherokee hidatsa(totally different area)
                      if there is a person i can referr you too..i hope that person will be a great of help
                      ...theres also another thing she might wanna be aware of and i do hate to say this
                      but there are some powwows where she wont be able to compete at
                      those require a tribal status paperbut i think with those powwows she can at least dance at grande entry and intertribal(i maybe wrong) .....but there are alot of powwows that will let her dance
                      she'll find that out on her own and i hope she wont be dissapointed in that situation..
                      powwow protocual(sp?)is very important so listening to the mc is good idea...but also
                      there are cherokee the next message i'll try to list some ...she'll learn alot by going
                      to those and how to find herself as a cherokee ..also talk to people at those powwows and who knows maybe they can direct you to someone in your area to help you out more...


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                        heres the sight...there is
                        powwow in kentucky...also that website might have e-mail contacts
                        i know that powwow is far away but if i do come up with ones near
                        where you are i'll let you know...


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                          Originally posted by millsdrumming
                          Aw Ho Silena, I want to thank you and Hidatsachic24 for the great input. You have been such a blessing to me.
                          You're always welcome!
                          Glad I could help and I will also keep my eyes and ears open for you!


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                            To Silena & Hidatsachic24, I want to say that we went to a Jingle Dress Pow wow in Manitou Rapids, Ontario and we had a blast. My daughter learned from an elder jingle dancer abot the Jingle dress and she even about dancing in the circle and which end to come in what praying and many more things . I will be needing to find an elder close to me to hopefully mentore my girls, and now my wife. Any ideas would be thankful. Wado, Wally


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                              boozhoo! i went to the powwow in manitou rapids a number of years back. good powwow. :)
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