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covering for fan handle

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  • covering for fan handle

    I have a fan thats never been used and I want to start dancing w/ it, but the only thing is.....I need to cover the handle up w/ something. Is there anything else I can use besides leather?????:)

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    This is what I did, I put some crib batting, then sewed some satin around it. Looked nice:)

    Try leather, then peyote stitch around it, bead the handle, but you have done that right?

    Well that's all folks


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      you can definitely put cloth around the handle, but leather looks better!! :)
      I concur with Riverwoman2000, peyote sure looks nice!
      hope we'll see the result
      see ya
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        Where can I get leather from? I had some a while back but ran out. And that was given to us by a friend. :)


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          vicki you can get leather or bucksin from Crazy Crow trading post, tandy's leather company, or at any pow-wow with one of the suppliers that set up a boothe!!!
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            Ok....I was looking in a old powwow calendar we have and I came across a picture of a jingle dress dancer holding her fan and its hard to tell what the handle of the fan is decorated w/. It kinda looks like that color tape that you can use to put on the stems of your feathers. I hope no one is getting confused.

            I also was looking at pictures here on the net from the Bear Soldier Wacipi and I came across a jingle dress dancer holding a fan that had a handle decorated w/ several colors in it.....resembling the color tape. I know.....I'm confusing myself even. lol But if anyone can tell me what I seen on those fan handles...then I'd really appreciate it. Here's the address to the site that I seen the one fan on. Its the fourth picture on the 1st row of pics all the way at the top of the jingle dress dancer in the pink dress w/ green beadwork holding her fan up.


            I'm gonna go look for leather this weekend at a powwow just incase.


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