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So im going to make a jinngle dress....

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  • So im going to make a jinngle dress....

    i noticed on a few posts that people arent taking the 365 days that it tradishionaly takes to make the jingle dress. so, what is everyones take on it?

    My niece (whom just became interested in dancing while living with me) wants to be a jingle dancer. Shes 15. I know that she really wants to dance jingle instead of my old tradishional regalia. She really wants to start working on her dress, but i just want to know if we should make her dress the tradishional way, or just "get it done"

    Just seeking opinions...


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    For what its worth, I would not do anything just to "get it done". I think it is always good to first teach the youth the traditional ways and then they can choose to stay with them or not but at least they will have the knowledge to make an educated decision.
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      I don't take 365 days to make a jingle dress -- I put 365 jingles on it! One for each day of the year.


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        I think her first dress should have 365 jingles on it and after she has worn it and got comfortable with it, then proceed to add more jingles!!!;)
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