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  • tarnished cones

    I took a look at my favorite dress and the cones are tarnished and I need help to make them shiny again. They're silver redwoods.
    Can anybody help me?:Help I don't want to end up getting new jingles cause they are so hard to find this side of the border.

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    I have found some polish called.... flitz..... It is for airplanes.. to keep the metal bright. I use it on my daughters belts, crowns, tie slides or anything silver, or german silver. You must keep the cones away from the fabric because it can turn it black when buffing the cone out, but i gaurantee the shine to be mirror like with very little work. It will be time consuming but it will bring them back as if they were new.. p.s. it is kinda expensive but you use very little of it at a time. It is light blue and in a paste form... best i have ever used.. :)
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      I am just getting started cutting and rolling cones for my daughter's dress. Is there anything I can put on the lids to keep them from tarnishing before i put them on the dress?

      they are silver redwoods.


      btw.... it's a real comedy act for me to try to roll these cones. i'm finding out just how uncoordinated and weak i really am!! :Chatter
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        Hey NDNKIDZ!

        Where can one purchase flitz?
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          i have heard that you can get it at hardware stores... my husband works for a plane co, so he buys it from there.. You might try it on the internet and see if you can find it there.. post it if you do find it .. it is the best stuff i have ever seen or used..
          "finding your best friend in life and love is glorious"


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            Semi- Crome is another paste(in a tube) you can use.
            Like "Kidz" says you have to make sure you rub ALL of the tarnish off before putting them on the dress.
            Turning the cones out is fine. We did that on plain cones. Some might not want to do that on the printed ones because spelling would be backwards.
            You also have to know if it is just tarnish or if the finish is just gone. In the case of the latter, nothing will help.
            As for coating them, I personally feel it dulls the sound and makes the jingles sound duller.
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