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  • AnishinaabeBimishimo
    Jingle Cones and Lids in Canada

    We are proud to be manufacturing Jingle Lids and Cones in Manitoba, Canada.
    Please visit our site at

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  • Singing Otter
    Ebay Jingles....


    Somebody has 300 gold McPherson jingles up for auction. Right now it's around 31.00. They accept Western Union... they look a little tight at the top but check em out and see if you might be able to use em. It's alot cheaper than paying around 28.00 per hundred.

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  • nativewife
    My friend and I just went in together to purchase 1000 Redwood lids. It equated to $40 for each of us. The only thing I can give is this guys address. He was my friend's contact. Maybe you can write him and ask if he will mail to Canada. This is the most reasonable price I've heard of, yet...

    The address is at home, and I'm at work. I'll try to post it (or send it via pm) tomorrow.

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  • Riverwoman
    Guest replied

    They have both redwood and powwow Jingles, in Canadian dollars, and they are in edmonton AB.

    Hope this helps!

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  • chemika
    canadian jingles

    Here is another source . website:
    phone: (519) 4450414
    fax: 4450580

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  • Red Pride
    Jingles in Canada

    We are from BC, Canada, and we are in the same predicament. If/ when you recieve your solution can you post the information for us? I would really appreciate anybody's input and support.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • chemika
    jingles in Camada

    I bought jingles from Turtle Trade Company when I was at the Sky Dome Pow Wow. They are in Akwesasne, RR1 , ST Regis PQ HOM1AO. Phone 613-575-2467. The will accept Canadian $. They also have a US store. I don`t think they have a web site. Jingles were reasonable. They have gold or silver color.

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  • Majii
    I checked out steve eagles and he doesn't ship to Canada.

    I need to know of anyone who sells jingles at a reasonable cost, in Canada preferably or ships them to Canada. I'm looking for flat Redwoods or something similar.

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  • tp_crpr
    Looking For Jingles?? look no further...

    If you want rolled jingles or do you want flat lids?? either way you should check out "The Beadin Path" ... in fargo ND .. they roll their own jingles and they are # (701) 282-4869
    of all the jingles that i have used .... theres are the best... and you can count on Mick not to screw ya for shippin or anything... ask them for a free catalog also they will be happy to send ya one... they have one of the best supplys of beads in the upper midwest also.. anyhow i hope that this helps you..

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  • Powwowtrail17
    I don't know but I'm pretty sure that 180 for 400 is pretty cheap in canada.?

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  • Majii
    started a topic Jingles??


    Does anyone know any suppliers of jingles on the Canadian side?

    All the places that I have found wanted a lot of money for them. The last dress I made, 400 jingles cost me $180.
    I'm just looking for better ways of cutting costs.

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  • littledog1976
    powows on vhs tape
    by littledog1976
    Hello ndns and non-ndns,
    I am looking for powows on vhs tape.If you have any that you would like to sell or know of anyone who is selling vhs tapes pleases contact me or put me in the right direction to to talk to someone who is willing to.
    1) chicken dance specials/compititons...
    01-28-2004, 07:54 PM
  • n8tivechick
    Looking for Jingle Cones
    by n8tivechick
    I am looking for jingle cones. 300 of them preferably rolled but doesn't matter. Gold or silver color...If you are looking to trade or want money let me know what you are looking for to trade...
    thanks a bunch
    09-02-2000, 04:08 PM
  • WocusWoman
    Need advice on Jingle Lids!
    by WocusWoman
    Well, this is a special year for my family. My granny passed away last July. I, as the oldest grand-daughter was asked to make her burial dress, and it was beautiful. My cousin and I decided it would be the time for my 13 yr. old daughter to come out in a jingle dress, made from the left over bridal...
    03-27-2006, 03:40 PM
  • Miss_Nish
    Silver Creek Jingles
    by Miss_Nish
    For all ya pro jinglers out there...

    I will be making my jingle dress this spring. I was given some lids a few years ago but I haven't used them yet. They are really pretty lids, too!! I rolled them all myself.. and I'd like to have a few more lids when I make my dress.

    02-21-2003, 08:51 PM
  • Mick8akctig8ne
    Need new ideas.......
    by Mick8akctig8ne
    I'm working on some outfits to give to some young teen girls who want to dance fancy. I have their colours - and all the fabric....but I've been stumped lately...anybody with ideas where I can go to get design/motif ideas? These young girls are just coming back - they were lost mocs....and so I feel...
    03-19-2004, 11:46 PM



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