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Making Jingle Dress Outfit

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  • Making Jingle Dress Outfit

    HI, I wanna make my own outfit
    But I was wondering if anyone has any good patterns for the dresses?

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    I don't use patterns when making any regalia. I use a t-shirt that fits and is not to big or small, I lay it out on the background color and cut about 2 inches bigger. As for the skirt, I usually measure around the widest part of the body which "usually the hips" then cut the material about 2-3 inches more(sewing room). It also depends on how you make your dress, wether it is 2 pc. or 1. I usually make the dress 2 pc, so it won't pull so hard on the shirt and shoulders. Once I cut the base of the dress I will design it and sew all the designs down. I like how my sister does the jingles, she will sew on the bias tabs without the jingles. The lines come out smoother and straighter. She also says it is a whole lot easier. When all the lines are done she will add the jingles. So have i confused you yet? Well anyhow good luck!!!
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      There are some good patterns from Missouri River

      I got mine from

      Wishing you Luck!:)


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        I just find an appropriate dress pattern from the fabric store and "rip" it apart to my liking. But you have to know what you are doing to have the dress fit properly.


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          How do you put in "poofy" sleeves and do the color blocking? (have part of the top or whatever one color and part another)
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