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  • make your own jingles

    Try to make your own jingles. Just like the gramma's do in Whitefish Bay Ont. CANADA. Anything that you make with your own hands will have more spirit. Good Luck.

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    Got any ideas on how to make them?? I've been trying to figure out how to do it or find ways to do it.
    Where do you get the metal to make them with? How do you cut them out?

    I'm thinking that you need to have some equipment made to cut them out into discs. cutting them out of sheet metal with clippers would take a long time. To make designs on the metal, you would also need the tools to imprint the metal.

    Here in Canada, it's really hard to find sources to get jingles. I went to a powwow last weekend and there was a vendor selling jingles (expensive) she was selling them by the 50's. She wouldn't even tell me were she got them, actually I got a rude comment from her just for asking.

    So we Canadian jinglers need a good supplier who won't rip'em off for the price of good jingles.


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      I got mine from

      Most of them are made from snuff can lids, like Copenhagen, but you have to know where to collect them.

      I have a friend who's husband works where guys chew tobacco a lot, but I decided to go and buy them already rolled.

      I don't know if they ship to Canada, but it's worth a try.
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        Tobacco lids make the best jingles in my opinion but a good second choice is aluminum roof flashing. You can get this at your local hardware store or Home Depot. It comes rolled up. Make sure you get a thickness that won't be too heavy. Then, with tin snips, I cut off strips of metal from the roll a little wider than my jingle template. After that, I line up the one straight edge of my template on the cut edge of the strip and trace my template shapes onto the metal with the point of an awl. Once I have the shapes marked out, I cut them out and roll them around a needlenose pliers. I have a couple dresses made with these jingles and they sound great, not as harsh a sound as the tobacco lids. It is a little more work than rolling tobacco lids but not much more. The cost is very reasonable and you can get enough jingles for 3-4 adult dresses off one roll of flashing.


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          Hey Czechy!
          How do you soften the sharp edges??
          And do you have a template for jingles?
          Or do you know where I can find one?
          I would like to try making my own jingles.
          Maybe you could help me.
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            How many times do i have to tell yous guys about the Beadin Path in fargo nd... they dont have any problem shippin to canada..... as a matter of fact i know that Mick would be GLAD that yall called.. he would be more than happy to sell yous flat jingles or rolled ones.. i believe he is sellin rolled for like $18.00 us for 100 and like 12.00 us for flat ones... if that will help you out i know that they probably would be able to find them at the pow wow at Warroad the first part of JUNE... anyways their # is (701) 282-4869 .... im tellin yall that they are the most fair in all thier dealings.... plus you are dealing with a native owned company there... not like those other mail order companys... :-) .... anyways check them out... they are for real....


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              At every pow-wow here on the Northern Plains you can get a bag of rolled jingle for about $20 - silver or gold. You can also get a tool for rolling your own jingles. Lots of people here on the reservation will also sell you a bag of snuff lids for pretty cheap.
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                Hi everyone, I'm new to these boards, so I hope no one minds if I add my 2 cents

                1st, I think you should roll your jingles, but then again I have strong views concerning the jingle dress.

                2nd, I think the best way to roll them is with a pair of jewelers' pliers. They are longer and skinnier than needle-nose pliers and you can make a rounder, tigher cone. Also, I know a couple of people who bought a jingle roller, but their jingles did not come out very well. I think it's the process of taking them off the roller that ruins them.

                3rd, um...ok, I don't have a third...but I do know an added bonus to rolling your own cones....after cutting all the lids with tinsnips and rolling all those cones with the pliers, you'll have a killer handshake! ;)


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                  My sisters and I used to roll all of my daughter's and one of my sister's jingles but we kinda got tired of all of the cuts in our fingers, so now we purchase them already rolled! We have to save our fingers for our beadwork! :)
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                    AC you can use a pair of those farmer's or utility gloves. I used my dad's but you can get em from walmart for a few bucks. Sometimes you can find them at the Dollar Tree and Its a Buck stores. They'll save your hands from the cuts and callouses.
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                      Try the jingle cone turner from

                      They ship to canada, and have good prices, though in US dollars.

                      PS that cone turner works, as for gloves, I would try to use the gardening gloves, that have leather on them, and some needle nose pliers are helpful.


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                        Thanks for all of the advice!! I will have to try the gloves! :)
                        :huddle: Learn to associate with the white man, learn his ways, get an education. With an education, you are his equal; without it, you are his victim. - Chief Plenty Coups, Crow


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                          Jingle Lids

                          Has anyone tryed Bob Fultz Jingles, he is out of NJ. He has any kind of lid you want Eagles, Redwoods, Massourri River, etc... You can not beat his prices for rolled jinles only $75. for 500, flat lids are even cheaper. I'll post his phone number later I got to find it again. I know you can call information and they will give it to you also. They are really nice lids.


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                            Softwind, here is Robert Fultz's number - 732-251-3498

                            Hope it helps ya'll!
                            Becky B.


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                              My template is basically a circle with a slice taken off one side. The straight edge is held in my pliers and turned to the inside so it doesn't show. I made my own template out of milk jug plastic. I also have a dowel rolling tool but have found my pliers easier to use.

                              My tin snips naturally create a tiny lip on the metal as it cuts and I make sure that gets turned to the inside as I roll the cones. Other than that, I just cut carefully so there are no burrs or sharp edges that will catch on anything. Haven't had any problems with any of my dresses so far.

                              One thing I like about using the roof flashing is that I can make the jingles in any size. For my next dress, I want to alternate two small jingles with two large jingles etc in the rows of the skirt. I've never seen anyone do that but I think it would look pretty cool.


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