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  • Nice Jingle Dresses

    Hey there! I just wanted to ask who you all thought has some pretty jingle dresses...

    I think these ladies have some really pretty jingle dresses

    Yvette Ewalk
    Della Big Hair-Stump
    Rowena Roberts
    Cepa Two Eagles
    Dorothy CrowFeather

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    BJ McDaniel
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      bj don't have a jingle dress. it looks like she went to wal-mart and bought a dress and then sew a LINE of jingle on it...come on thats not even a real jingle dress. you want to see a real jingle dress take a look at all the women posted above, now thats a jingle dress. they took time and a lot of thought to make there dress, and there more than one line of jingles on it..we all know that jingle dress has more than a line or two......hint, hint.......
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        Sometimes it's hard to fit alot of jingles on these days with all the design work involved in making your dress outstanding(for contests purposes) I haven't seen BJ's latest dresses, are they really only 1 line?? I know I've got 4 on a few of mine and used to feel guilty like I should have more. UNTIL I looked at some old photos of Ojib women when the jingle dress first came out and most of the women had 3 or 4. And we all know the dress comes from the Ojibs! So now I don't feel so bad and anyone can feel free to hate on my dresses, but yeah I do like the sight of at least 5-7 rows and plan to make my next one with that many!
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          Yeh I agree with ya Niimii, I have 5 rows on mine, one on top and 4 on the bottom half, I felt kinda strange about that too but now, oh well, I'm not sweatin' it.
          BJ's dresses are way too contemporary for me and the other Ojibwe women that were with me when we saw her, she looked like she had a ruffle of cones at the bottom of her dress and it was form fitting all the way up, she didn't even need a belt.
          Some dresses I admire from my area is Tasha Thompson's and most of Karen Pheasant's, I especially love the one with the strawberries on it. Some of the more contemporary, fancier dresses I like are Jennifer Jones, Gladys Two Eagle's, Willow Jack's and the Beetso sisters have some really pretty dresses too. I like plain dresses just as well but I'm a sucker for artistry and detail as well, :) as long as it doesn't go too far.:Chatter
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            Well excuse me guys for having my own opinion! I still think BJ has nice dresses! :)
            :huddle: Learn to associate with the white man, learn his ways, get an education. With an education, you are his equal; without it, you are his victim. - Chief Plenty Coups, Crow


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              Jennifer uhh (got married) Hamilton? Well Jennifer from New Town ND has some of thee best dresses in the Jingling Business.
              ...jus put on Mandareeeee....


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                Yes it is Jennifer Hamilton!

                also Willow Jack has an entire war-drobe of wicked fine Jingle Jammin' Jresses aaaand matching interchangable accessories.
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                  Can't forget Alanna Tootoosis Baker as well, watch out.
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                    Ain't gettin on Ya for having a opinion Girl! Just come up north and see how we do it... Just kiddin, don't get jammed.
                    Nah lots of people dig her, it's alright tho, we all got different perspectives, different opinions.
                    No Im talking about thee Jennifer Jones, the Ojib chick, not Jennifer Hamilton, even tho she is a bad Azz jammer herself ( I would have placed her higher at GON this year, waay higher), Jennifer Jones would blow everyone away if she went to Gathering ... just my opinion. LOL. Willow earns extra points with me too 'cuz she's so not stuck up and friendly, rare to come by these days, IN MY OPINION.:p
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                      cool: anyone have any idea or directions for me to start my dress. The woman who made my mothers Jingle Dress has passed on and my mom's mission for me is. Make your own and of coarse I never made a Jingle Dress in my life, so she told me i would learn. OK lets be real here. if i have not directions how make the Jingle dress HOW do ilearn.. HElp any one ? RedFireCloud --ND
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                        I would have to say that

                        Melodie Ayoungman
                        some of the Goulets ( I don't know their names) :o
                        & heh heh heh.. the Similkameen Sewing Queen :p

                        have/make nice outfits


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                          Is this BJ McDaniel, or like her dress?
                          <a href="collage08.jpg"><img src="" border="1" alt="Jingle Dancer, Stanford Pow Wow (55 Kb)"></a>

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                            Not even close to BJ.

                            Nah BJ's dresses have very very intricate detail and are really colorful with about 3-4 rows. She also has some kick butt beadwork and a black tip eagle fan. Hey Jingle Mama I seen the dress you were talkin about at Hinckley, the form fitting one. Nice detail and stuff but a little too much for us northerners, some people were taken aback by it. They just thought she should've put a few more rows of jingles on it. But dang who does that work on her dresses? Must take a long time. I think Willow Jack, Gladys Two Eagle, Jennifer Hamilton and Yvette Ewalk have really nice dresses. :)
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                              That picture of the dress that was posted, sure doesn't have alot of cones on it! Ack!

                              Mine is heavy, two rows on top, and I think atleast five on the bottom:) (The reason I can't remember now, I just finnished working 7 hours):p

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