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  • Jingle Dress Dreams

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum, I just wanted to ask all you Jingle Dress Dancer how many of you had a dream about your dress before you even danced or considered dancing the Jingle Dress Dance? I have had a dream about mine and I was wondering what everyone else was, I am not a dancer, yet, but I am starting to look into it, ever since I had my dream.

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    I to have had dreams, I would be dancing in my dress, and would only be dancing with one foot! The other foot woud not be working, so go figure:O


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      I didn't have a dream before I started working on my jingle dress.
      BUT I had one inbetween!
      After started working on the dress I was wondering how to decorate the upper front part of the dress. At that point I knew what the skirt should look like, but for the rest I had no ideas.
      Then I dreamt of what it should look like.
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        jingle dress dream

        I never asked my grand daughter if she had a jingle dress dream, but the first time she saw a jingle dress, she wanted one. She doesn`t do any other catagory, just jingle. I and others have asked her if she would like to dance something else, and she always says "I love Jingle" Also, I always feel happy, serene, peaceful, while making a jingle outfit, so she at one time had nine outfits! I think it really is for healing, my mother and sister and myself were nurses, and maybe thats her way of healing.


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