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  • Curious

    Do you guys prefer to make your dresses with the under-skirt or without? I used to always use the underskirt but the last few years have just sewn the cones on the dress and......... I have made a plain skirt of the same material and color to wear underneath. That way you can still pull your cones up and sit down. What are your thoughts on this?
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    some karma for redhorse...

    I put a row of cones on the very bottom edge of my daughter's dress, and then made a skirt of the same material to go underneath. The skirt is about 3 or 4 inches longer than the dress, so the bottom row of cones lays on it to look like all one piece. This gives her the option of being lady-like when she sits down by just lifting the part with the cones.

    This dress was all one color. The next dress I make her will be two colors, so the under-skirt will be a contrasting color to the dress.
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      humbly grateful

      Thanks Nativewife - the contrasting color will look good, maybe the color of her ribbonwork ??? Did you see my dress on the contest? It's under ribbonwork, the white jingle dress - that one I had to use a thicker underskirt because it was see thru
      geez, what one won't do in a competition :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter
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        I like having an underskirt on my doesn't look good for a jingle dancer to hike her skirt up to her waist :Shocked when she's wearing biker shorts underneath. Now I can understand biker PANTS or even biker capris :p but not daisy dukes! Come on now....
        SHAKE IT!!!!


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          I didn't make a whole underskirt, but I made a flap on the back side of the dress.
          On this flap I sew the cones on and it is attached with velcro the dress itself.
          That way I can put up the flap and easily sit down.
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            I have tried every method (except the biker hike) and like using the separate underskirt best. I do it the same way as Mato Winyan by putting a row or two of jingles on a longer, separate underskirt. The underskirt can be used interchangeably with different overdresses and cuts down on some of the work and materials. Also, I put lots of cones on my dresses and having a separate underskirt helps relieve some of the weight from the overdress. I think the method people use is really just a matter of personal preference.


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              How are you making the top of your skirt, so it doesn't fall down? I considered putting cones on the skirt of my daughter's next dress, but I am worried about her dancing... then the next thing I know, her skirt is around her ankles because of the weight of the cones.

              Her current skirt I used elastic in the waistline, but then had a eye-and-hook on the side seam at the waist (for extra security). There are no cones on her current skirt.

              I'm fishing for creative ideas for her next regalia.
              I am who I am. No more, no less.


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                I'm a "biker shorts" gal. I just find it so much easier that way but most of the time, I find reasons not to sit down..heh. When I was younger, I used to have a front and back flap with the rows of jingles on it and just my dress under it but the problem with that is sometimes while you're dancing, the flaps might move. Well, those are my two cents. :)

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                  Ceapha! LOL I like your quote thingie! hahahahahaha
                  SHAKE IT!!!!


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                    ok....... no offence to anyone here but.... this biker shorts need to go!!!!!! i have seen teenage girls and women in not just tight biker shorts but like boxer shorts.... Like ones you wear to bed!! OMG! i was at a contest powwow and there was one of the jingle dancers and she was disqualified cause she walked around the whole powwow with her skirt up to her waist and she was wearing boxer shorts... I mean you dunno if they are shorts or her underwear!!! oh and what happend to the rule that women aren't supposed to show thier legs??????

                    Ceapha: i like your quote!

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                      Nativewife: I only put a row (or two at most) of jingles on the hem of my underskirts. The waistbands are elastic and have never slipped. Of course, it helps to have hips! LOL! Try using fewer cones and use a drawstring instead of elastic at the waist.

                      My first dress had flaps at the front and back and I have to agree with Ceapha that they flop around to much! Its distracting! However, its a good style for a rapidly growing girl who will need the extra room.

                      Yuk! There is no need for anyone to show their undergarments to the world! Whatever happened to modesty? I think its a crime that a seamstress can construct a beautiful jingle dress but not include a way for the wearer to sit down! Its not like its a hard problem to solve!


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                        I wear biker shorts that go to the knee and just pull my dress up. I'll put a blanket or jacket over my legs as long as its not hot. I don't think this is immodest. I mean, there are fancy dancers whose skirts just go straight up-once I saw a girl who didn't have *any* shorts on underneath! Can't you feel that you're, uh, blowing in the breeze? LOL I'm originally a fancy dancer and my skirts are cut so that they only flare up to about the knee.


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                          eap, yeah i perfer at the knees tooo, never show the legs! NEVER
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                            Eap, I pretty much do the same as u do. I'll pull my dress up and put something over like a blanket, so my legs don't show. I also wear long shorts. You really have to watch when u pull your dress up cause sometimes when its really hot and your shorts are sticking to ya, then ya may pull the shorts up w/ the dress. *L* Has almost happened to me a few times.:D


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                              I always line the dresses I make with woven interfacing so that the material can handle the strain, so if that is why you use the inner skirt try using the fusible woven interfacing. I just did a dress for the first time with a second skirt underneath because sometimes my daughter would forget her long tight pants, which is what I made her wear, they had to be at least capri length! However, since she is 12 with no hips you could see it slipping down on her at Browning! It worked when there was only one row of jingles but we added another one because there was too much of a gap and the elastic just didn't keep it up very well, so I just used a piece of bandage wrap and tied her in for the next go round!:D I will have to try the drawstrings I think.


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