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I want to start Jingle Dress dancing.

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  • I want to start Jingle Dress dancing.

    Hello everyone. I want to start Jingle Dress dancing and I was wondering if anyone out there could give me some pointers. N-E Wayz. I would really appreciate some advice.


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    have you started on a dress. If not thats not a problem anyway. Pratice makes perfect. To be honest, I dont even really have any advice. My best friends been jammin since we were in pampers, ya know. But the only thing i can really say is. Dance graceful. and of course some foot work, but i cant help you on that. Sorry
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      Thanx for your advice. I really appreciate it. I don't wanna go about the wrong way and all. I want to start on a dress. I don't want it looking wild or anything. Just something plain. n e wayz... thanx



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        Before my daughter started Jingle Dress, an elder had guided her to the dance because her steps when she stepped into the area for Intertribals were the steps of the Jingle. That elder had given permission for her to dance the Jingle Steps. The elder was her Godgrandmother-Chippewa. My daughter is navajo/cherokee-Italian. I am full Navajo. I made sure protocol was adherred too. Then her last request was for my daugther to earn her Traditional Jingle Dress Regalia and dance the old style. The Traditional is of Bucksking and the Crown is of smaller jingles with otter. It is like a cap and hangs just above the knees. The elder had given me permisson to teach my daughter. She considered me her granddaughter and adopted me as such. She only had sons and grandsons. Very few females in the family. If you need any help with info. Let me know and will talk with the family. There is protocol because that is what she taught me before she passed to the next journey. canavajo
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          I have been dancing Jingle for quite a while now...i didnt go through the permission thingy when i was like 9 years young, this was when i started dancing jingle, i would always have these dreams of dancing in the rain...and i would always hear rain when i was little...and so my unci took me to an inipi...and i was sooo scared...because you know being the 9-year old that i was...i saw all these elderly men and there was a few women...but the men were almost completely and i was soo anyways off of the our tribes medicine man, said that i was meant to dance with the rain...meaning that i was 'supposed' to dance YeAp...thats how it I am 16 years young and still goin strong with that But That's when i first started dancing jingle...but the only advice that i can give you is...if you really reallly wanna dance have to know the meaning behind the have to have a certain type of respect...or so should i call it...but you have to realize that wearing this healing dress...and having the honor and privalage of wearing this have to honor the people before you who have worn it...and also you have to respect yourself. My unci gave me this long speech, about how i cant go about and making a bad name for myself...which i never, never did...or will never Because she said...that i have to respect and honor the other people that are wearing the dress and also the people before who have worn this healing dress...but yEaP thats my opinion...LoL. i hope this kinda helps...


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