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changing dress ; and style?

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  • changing dress ; and style?

    first i'am so happy as to find a site and forums like this one :)
    i have so many question but i'll start off with just a few ok first i'am mixed- half cherokee and have Ojibwey and all my life (which is a few 14 years) i have danced for my dad but the last few years i have been dancing for my mom off on on and than some one hinted the idea that i should
    dance for just one and stop changing dresses and dances- ok i'am geting way for track. i dance in a tear dress and now i want to dance a jingel dress. i have all ready started and the thought just hit me that i can't dance in one! yes i'am am i traditional
    but i have plumes and a fan and the whole nine yards
    i started watching jingel dances about a year ago and i thought i had it down but than i started to read about side steping and alots of different steps and what-nots. So first do i have to do side steps and if so how? wow i type alot just to ask a question , huh
    thanks -:o

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    One point of view

    My advice to you is to visit with your Ojibwe relatives and learn some more about the jingle dress. My relatives have always advised me to do things the right way. Learn from a older jingle dress dancer. I fell in love with the jingle dress a long time ago but have only been dancing jingle for a short time. I love every step and every song. I have many relatives that dance jingle so I had help along my way. Good luck to you.
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      thank you , i'll keep that in mind :)


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