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Face paint on contemporary or old style

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  • Face paint on contemporary or old style

    So what does the face paint mean or represent and is it for old or contemporary?

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    Face Paint

    i'm not an expert or anything but face paint can show acts of bravery, clan, family linege..etc. I was talkin to my mom she was tellin me i could wear a certain paint and desighn because of what my granpa was and did. As for old or contemorary, any dancer could wear it with respect, and following the protocal. You see too many dancers out there weren paint to be cool but not relizing thers protocol. others will probley have more to say.
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      I think dancers should be honored and know why they were tha paint. I wear paint because I'm allowed by my Grandpa, Uncle and my father because there are veterans, world war two Veteran, I have a Brother who was in tha Marines. I was told to honor tha paint and just don't wear it because you think you look kool and that it looks dope. I think both Contemp and Old Style should be allowed and it's for anyone, that knows tha reason why they were paint and what it stands for.


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        I wear paint because "for my people" it represents protection and womanhood....for my tribe we wear paint mainly on our temples and our forehead and on our part. i feel paint is a good thing if you know the reasons for wearing it too..for my people white is protection, so when i dance i always wear white..I see paint as something that is traditional..(not for all tribes..depends on beliefs)..we wear paint in all of our ceremonies, and we choose different colors for different i feel paint FOR me it is a traditional thing, and my grandfather told us that it was okay.........So i can see both sides, because yes the curly thing and the KISS face is in and it's contemp, but the whole act of wearing paint is something that many of our people have been holding on to for and than it's also tradish...i think i just confused myself LOL...
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          Traditionally speaking........LOL
          Do Ojibway women where paint when there doing the dances up in the Bay.
          ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????
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            The Ojibway way! lol

            Well, I guess since you are wearing an Ojibway dress, you should hear it from one of em. lol.

            We ojibways do have women warriors, just that we do not wear a big smear of paint, it should be tiny, a few lines or what ever.Usually around the eyes, temples . If you do wear it, like the other ladies above mentioned. Know what it means. I have seen people of both sexes being asked why they wear paint, or feathers etc. If they dont know why, they are asked to take of their regalia and learn more. So.. be careful my Indian sisters when wearing paint. Not to much, dont look like a clown, and wear it with pride.

            Another Idea, is to go with your tribal teachings. I was told that Indian teachings are all pritty much the same. We are all indian, natives what have you, doesnt really mater. Do what you believe and feel comfortable with.

            Good luck, have fun on the pow wow trail
            and may your duck tape last the season
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