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  • Need some sewing info??

    I already searched to archives and i really can't find any detailed information regarding sewing the jingles onto the dress.

    Do i sew them on one by one?
    Tape them then sew them on?
    How much space should i leave between each jingle?
    What type of material should i use in regards to hanging the jingles from? ribbon? if so what size?

    Can, someone please give me some information and if i missed something in the archives just let me know and i will back track...this is my first attempt at making a jingle dress and i would greatly appreciate any input.

    Thank you very much
    :p Your First and Last Love Is Self Love! :p

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    Just so happens we were just looking in the book Pow Wow - Dancer's Crafters Handbook ..... on page 124 it says

    "Jingles are most commonly attached to the dress with bias tape which is cut into strips about three inches long, knotted at one end, then pulled through the jingle so that the knot remains hidden inside. The tip of the jingle is pinched to further hold this strip in place. The jingles can be sewn to the dress individually, with long ribbons added later to cover the strips of bias, else the jingles can first be sewn to ribbons and then attached to the dress in rows."

    Hope this helps, but I'm sure others have different, hopefully easier ways!
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      Tsiniti has summed it up well. But if you need more info you'll find instructions for making a jingle dress in these sources:

      1) Missouri River Jingle Dress pattern. Adult and child size. Available at many craft suppliers like Crazy Crow, Noc Bay, Written Heritage, ebay, etc.

      2) Whispering Wind Craft Annual (don't remember the number but has jingle dancers on the cover and feature articles on dress construction). Written Heritage carries this.

      3) The new video out by Full Circle Productions called Jingle Dress shows how to roll cones and sew them to a dress. Also, describes dance style.

      Check the top of this page for the Links button on the menu bar for suppliers.


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        There are many ways to do this... I'll share with you the way I did it for my daughter's dress.

        1. I sewed the ribbon on from which the cones will hang. I sewed along the upper edge of the ribbon.

        2. I placed pieces of bias tape (about 2 - 3 inches long) under the ribbon where I wanted the cones to hang. I placed them about 1 inch apart. Many people put them closer together than that, but I wouldn't put them any farther apart than 1 inch. Now, I used the double (or folded) bias tape, so I couldn't tie a knot in the end.

        3. Once I had the bias tape in place (I only did one row at a time), I took a long piece of scotch tape and carefully placed it over the top of all of the bias tape at once.

        4. Then I sewed the ribbon down again, this time with the bias tape under it, along the bottom edge of the ribbon, so the bias tape and the ribbon were both sewn to the dress.

        5. Once I have all of the ribbon and bias tape on the dress where I want them, I attach the cones. The bias tape I used is kinda thick, so I had to squash it smaller to fit into the end of the cone. Once I had the cone on the bias tape, I cinched the top of the cone together with some pliers.... about 1/3 - 1/2 inch from the bottom of the ribbon. (to give the cones room to move)

        Again, everyone has a different way of doing it. I'm sure someone else has a better way than me. I just hope I gave you some ideas.

        Good luck.
        I am who I am. No more, no less.


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          I'm so greatful for ....

          First, I would like to say :Angel2 :Angel: Thank you for this web sight...*thank you web master* and a special thanks to nativewife, Czechy and of course Tsiniti......I went to the store and bought that world famous bias tape, i think it's my new best friend..

          We'll times a waste'n i got to get started. Again i would like to thank all


          (P.S. i printed out the instuctions so i can't go wrong! :p )
          :p Your First and Last Love Is Self Love! :p


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            Here's a tip for you all out there that I use.Makes it soo much easier and fatsre!
            After I have my cones fastened on the bias tape ,I get some basting tape( Look for it with quilting stuff) and peel one side and lay it down in whatever design I want to lay my cone! Then pull the other side with the paer off and lay my jingles how I want them (spaced or otherwise) then lay my top ribbon or bias tape on and Viola, sew it all at once!!

            Basting tape: It's like a double sided fabric tape. It comes in different widths and is great for doing anything! Ribbon designs, jingles dresses, ANYTHING!!!

            Good Luck,!!
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              You are right FancyStar! I use that trick everytime. It definetly makes it go alot faster
              Life is more than what we see...


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                Thank you FancyStar.....your great!! :p
                :p Your First and Last Love Is Self Love! :p


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                  Well..... You Know......:o
                  Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

                  Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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                    Fancystar you are a genius!!!
                    Thanks I never would've thought of that, all the while I've been having a heck of a time getting the rows equal and straight...etc etc I definitely have to try this with the new dress I'm making! :)


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                      yes, fancy.... i'm definitely going to try the basting tape with the next dress....

                      I am who I am. No more, no less.


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                        OK i have 2 tips i think are good to remember...

                        1. if you are rolling your own cones or you have cones that the whole is big enough to pull the knot through, sew all the cut and knoted bias tape to your design and then after your dress is complete....... add the cones by pulling the sewn bias tape with the knot through the whole in the jingle.. ( i hope that makes sense!)

                        2. when spacing the jingles i either use math of rule of thumb.
                        Take the number of jingles you have and divide it by the number of rows you have... that'll give you a number of jingles that you should add to each row. OR, if that number looks to crowded on your design just place them close enough so that the body of the cones are touching each other...

                        also, just to make it look good, make sure the cones are facing the same way! i hope this helps! PM me if you have any questions on what i tried to explain!

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                          I use extra wide bias tape for the rows, i sew them on about 4 inches apart. After they have been sewn on i then start from the top row and in the center of the top row i make a mark. Then from there i mark every 1 inch to the right then mark every 1 inch to the left continuing until all the rows are complete. Then i use single wide double fold bias tape to thread the jingles. I don't measure them because i dont' like to waste fabric or anything like that so i just cut in half and half and half and so on and so on until the threads are somewhere around 1 1/2 inches long or so, I"m not sure how long they are......then w/ a super small stitch i stitch the ends up about a quarter of an inch up or so and continue to do that until all the lil threads are stitched up. After this is done, i Sew the lil threads onto the Rows where i had previously made the marks. after my dress is all sewn up and ready to go...THEN i put the jingles on.......Yes i put the jingles on last......Don't worry the threads will slip easily inside the tops of the jingles maybe a lil fold here and there......but anyways.....don't forget to pinch the top of the jingles w/ a needle nose pliers shut so that the jingles don't fall off.......Well good luck to those who can read this!!!!!!!!!! LOL

                          Just some pinning required to help keep rows in place
                          and i don't pin the threads need to juss slip it in and sew!

                          LOL CHA! I sound like some how to video or something LOL :D


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                            basting tape?

                            i put togethet my nieces jingle dress today and i tried to use what the people at joanne's said was basting tape. let me tell you it was a pain in the butt. I think i got the wrong thing because it was like a fusable web stuff. so i put the tape down on the dress peel the backing off (which was only remotly sticky and then i pressed the cones on and they kept falling off under the weight. so finaly i had to pin them down so they wouldnt move. then while they were pinned i ironed them down so they couldnt move. (which made sewing the ribbon over them easier) It added like 3 extra steps to my getting these cones on. But it turned out looking great so i cant complain to hard :Chatter


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                              I've never had a problem with it sticking! Yoou just have to expeirement with stuff, because you will never know what works till you try!
                              Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

                              Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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