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    Hey Girls,

    I finished it, It only took me 2 days to sew on all the cones and THAT Bias tape was great. I sewed it on the dress with careful measurements, and such, then i sewed the jingles on, We'll i taped them on first with maskin tape then i just sewed away in one long stip it was so easy and it looks really nice, I even shocked myself.... :JawDrop ...*L* but maybe i'll take a few photos of it and post it...

    But again, thanks for everyones imput!!

    What do you all think about a vest? Do you think they look nice or kinda "eeeeeehhhhh?"

    Just wondering...
    :p Your First and Last Love Is Self Love! :p


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      I'm going with a vest for my daughter's next regalia. I hope it doesn't look "eeehhhh?"

      There is a couple of reason's I'm doing this....

      1. I'd like to put cones on it and decorate it elaborately. Doing this on a vest allows my daughter to take it off when she's dying for a snow cone...

      2. The vest (and skirt) will be mostly black, so we can change the color of the shirt that she wears under it to change the look from time to time.

      I'd like to see how your dress turned out!!
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