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from teens to womens.........

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  • from teens to womens.........

    How can you prepare for makin tha switch from teens to womens? It seems like you just get used to dancin in teens and competing against the same people then you gotta switch? what gives????? lmao j/k
    SO what did ya'll do to prepare? cuz it is a big jump!
    and also, who do you think made a real good transition from teens to womens? like who fit in?
    cuz i dunno in my opinion the dancin style is a lil different it seems the teen gurlz like to do more moves and are the ones trynna make it more contemp. so what do you guyz/gurlz think???
    stay red!!!!!

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    I Have just made the switch myself from teen jingle dancer to woman jingle dancer. I made a real good transition I seem to fit in better with the women than the teens. Everyone has thier own transition they go through. The last powwow I competed at as a Teen, was the Oglala Nation powwow on Pine Ridge SD. Now that I am no longer a teen I have been asked to be HeadLady a lot more. I also have some teen dancers asking me what I think about how they are dancing, or how do I do some of my dance moves. A good thing is, you get to know a lot of new faces. When you are competing you will see you have friends out there with you. So, you will have more fun dancing. The Teens do make it more contemp, but I have seen some Women dancers dancing more contemp. 2 Each there own style.
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      ok well this really isnt the same thing persay.........but i do know that recently what i had to do was compete against the person that i always looked up its kinda strange.......cuz you're can i possibly measure up?
      newho thats just my thots........
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