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    Howdy me once again
    Now i was wondering if you guyz think that all categories, not just jingle but all categories are gettin too showy? like with all the bright colorz, the sparkles glitter etc etc etc. well with the exception of maybe menz fancy...........
    Everything seems to be flourescent and everyonez trynna out do everyone else. I know its all in competition and wanting the judges to look at cha and notice u......but dont u think its kinda getting out of hand?
    not trynna hate or nothin...just wundering what chaz think
    stay red!!!!!

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    i LOVE flash :)

    i agree, things have been moving more twards the flashy and bright. but i LOVE it! i have made a few ragailias for kids and those are the colors that they want. i think that they are perfect for them though. my last dress was a nice periwinkly color with a navy underskirt with a beautiful wover ribbon to hold the gold jingles down. i got a applique on the chest and its all outlined with gold. My favorite part where the leggings. They were navy blue with the same applique as on the chest outlined in gold with gold bias tape around the outer edge. it looks awsome. and its VERY flashy with the gold trim.

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      I don't really mind all the flashy and glitter....I think it shows the creativity of powwow country. Some of the beadwork and sewing is done with some expensive materials, so I can appreciate the work and time that goes into it. I myself use some pretty pricey materials and rhinestones to make my outfits and beadwork and believe me its not cheap! It makes me feel unique when I'm dancing out there knowing my outfits are different than everyone else's cuz I don't use just any material that you can find at Wal-mart or any other chain fabric store. People always ask me where I get my material cuz its usually stuff they haven't seen before. But I never reveal my trade secrets:Quiet. Some of the outfits out there are pretty bright as well, with the neon colours. Personally I think it looks alright but thats too bright for me to wear. Not my taste. But looks fine on other dancers.:dancer:


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        hmmm when at bismark i saw these flashy little lights... are they next to add to the dresses? then neon lights for the jingle rows, only four jingles, two in the front two in the back, and the rest of the dress aplique? i dont think that the mandowit/ manidoog/ spirits had these things in mind when they sent the dress to us pitiful people, the dresses were meant to be loud, beautiful yes, but mainly meant to be loud, to shake what ever ails us away...
        There can only be 2 moccasins on your feet at one time...however life has given me many pair...along with a needle, thread and really sharp teeth to cut with...lmao


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          Well, I have to say that some of the outfits out there are a little too neon...but as for the one's who just detail their designs wioth neon i think that it looks fantastic!!!:D Myself my dresses all have some eye catching colors but haven't had any complaints yet by elders so i think that it's okay. But i guess you do have to what you can to get the attention of those judges.;)


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            i love the flash.... but to me the only thing that is flashy is my beadwork... i use 3 cuts.... so... andfrom what i was told the lenape liked to see their reflection in the water so i have alot of mirrors and sequines that reflect... so it isn't just for show
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              well i havent really jumped on the flashy bandwagon, but they do look nice, and it can be hard to compete with.
              but i think that therez a limit.
              i think that you can still stand out and look "together" with not so flashy outfits.
              but eventually the style will change and then we'll all be lookin for sumthing new to try. so itz kool. change is good!
              it'll be interesting to see whatz gonna be next!
              and yeah i agree jingle is such a big category now!
              so maybe if it keeps growin then yeah, should be divided into different categories split the old style and contemporary.
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                I don't know...sometimes we stick with tradition, but then I was told that pow wow was comtemporary, and doesn't deal with traditions or relative to culture. So, I guess that's my opinion..I just dance for the love of it, and I compete but not necessarily to, don't know, it's okay if it's tastefully done. With respect to your own tribal heritage. However, I am making my daughter a florescent orange outfit, with the design background orange and green and white, 3 cuts.

                But pow wow is always changing and evolving with the times. What's wrong with walmart fabric?? I keep reading references to that..some of us can only get to that store or limited to the fabric store around our area..and make do with what's here.


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                  just my two cents..i like the way some dresses look but i love my old style because that was how i was taught to dance and take care of my outfits. i respect the dress and don't want to change it so i don't put designs on it. i like being able to dance and attend a powwow so i have a lot of respect for jingle. it is a lot of fun, too also i judged at a powwow and there was a lot of neon seemed a big blur of color! so i looked at feet, (to judge) i put jingles on the top so it won't be a "jingle skirt". but that is the way i was taught soo....


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