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7 year old wants to gingle dance

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  • 7 year old wants to gingle dance

    greetings to all. I need help. My 7 year old daughter wants to jingle dance. But besides knowing how beautiful and elegant it looks I know nothing about the dance. I have had dreams of her dance regalia. And I really do not want to offend anyone. In just putting her in the dance arena without knowing anything. Could someone please explain to me how this dance came to be. The history of the jingle dress would be very helpful. I heard that there are ceremonies that need to take place before she can dance. Please help. Thank you. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Jingle Dancing

    I teach Jingle along with the other dances for girls: Jingle, Fancy shawl and Nothern Traditional. The tribal community I live in has a Youth Dance group and we have over 22 youth dancers eager to learn contemporary/powwow dances along with the traditional. My oldest daughter -6yo, she dances Jingle. I had her dancing since she was about 3yo. And in the beginning all she did was bounce and try to imitate the other dancers. Now she is learning basic steps and how to carry herself-you know the poise that comes with it and to raise her fan on the honor beats.
    What I recommend you doing for your daughter is exposing her to powwows, have her watch the jingle compititions or the dancers. Also, let her go out during inter-tribals to dance as well.
    Get her some powwow tapes and have her practice what she observed. It takes time if you are going to go it on your own. But that is who we learned in the old dayz, was by watching. But if your tribal community has a youth dance group, get her involved.
    Also, what is very important, that I left out. Is before we practice jingle, I sit down with my girls and go over the history and origin of the dance. It comes from the annishnabe people as a healing dance. Sit down and talk with your daughter about this, educate her.
    When I first got my daughter dancing jingle. I told her the history and origin of the dance. I talked to her about it and she was passionate about it. Now she is 6yo and dances it with respect.
    So please, go about this respectfully; it would be greatly appreciated.

    Good luck
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