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What do you use to get stains out of your dress???

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  • What do you use to get stains out of your dress???

    Can anyone out there tell me what they use to get rid of stains? I danced this past weekend and got some stains on my dress....not alot where you can see it .....from my belt and also on the collar part of my jacket. Just wanna get it off really fast.

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    They have spray and wach in these little individual packets you can use, they also have a dry cleaning kinda like sponge comes in a little box, in the laundry Isle at Walmart you can try that! I use that on one of my favorite chairs here at the house, blond chair, female dog, you get the picture!

    For a real quickie, you can try rubbing baking soda, or even corn meal, on the stains, then brush it off. Can't promise, but it's worth a try, I just thought of that one, I remember my mother using it on a Shark Skin(don't ask, I don't know, I just remember that is what it was called) Dress she used to have!
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      I'd have to say that Denture Cleaner works. I know it sounds kinda funky but it does work. I've used it on some of my dresses and it worked. You might want to try that out. :)
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        For a fantastic quick fix there is this miracle potion in a bottle called Gonzo. I know you can get it at Joanns'. It also works great on shawls!
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