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where to find this Jingle dress material

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  • where to find this Jingle dress material

    does anyone know what you would call that material the has the confetti dots on it with the floral-like pattern under it and where to find it? sorta like what Tahnee Williams uses.
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    Hi there, I have been shopping around for new jingle dress materials lately, and hate to say it, but you just have to keep looking around in your area for that kind of sequinsy-confetti dot material (I think that is what you are talking about anyways). I live in a big city on the west coast and I cant find any good unique fabrics in this city. I actually found a majority of my fabric in a little fabric store in my hometown on a visit back there. I would suggest just looking around and if you cant find what you are looking for, ask your local fabric store employee if they have a supplier that you can order from. Ask to see a catalogue or something. That might save you a lot of time and effort. Good luck! Lord knows, finding that special unique material is a challenge, especially if you dont want your dress to look like everyone else's!


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      If you ever get to Vegas and you're into the flashy material, there is a costume/fabric shop there on 3rd Street near downtown, they have all the flourescent fabric, sequins, shiny material you could ever want, plus every glittering other thing you could want.:Chatter I think I just gave away a secret, but might as well have everybody jump on the band wagon as well. Oh yeah okanagonjingler, I like your signature.:) Goot one!


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        :Thinking Do you know the name of the store?
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