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Asian print jingle dress?

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  • Asian print jingle dress?

    what you think of a jingle dress made with an Chinese/Japanese type of material? sort of like the same material used for cheongsam dresses and kimonos
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    welllllll hmmmm if some of the people can wear all the flag type material, and others wear camoflauge, then you should wear what you want ..... on the other hand wouldn't it be more proper and in keeping if you went with more traditional style material? Personnally I would go with this, but it's your dress!!
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      As far as the asian materials go, I think they look great. My cousin and her sister-in-law both have dresses made out of that satin embroidered asian material and their dresses are absolutely beautiful, especially if the material coordinates with your beadwork. I say, if you particularly like a material, then try it out. Your dress should be an expression of you. Of course, within the bounds of good taste, no flashing lights on it or anything *teehee*


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        Oh, you mean I cant string those battery operated christmas lights on my dress???? Eeek!! Just kidding!! I'm never up this early in the morning, forgive me!!


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          this is really weird but i juss bought material the other day like that material, its like a dejavu (or how ever you spell it ) but i bought it because i liked it. i think that the kind of material you use for a dress doesnt really matter, its how you dance in, and to add another thing, once you put ur dress all together you cant really tell that your using that material...:p
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            All that matters is the beauty of the material, we must remember "cloth material" as we know it today, was not "traditional" to our people anyway...though a very big part of our culture today. So, use whatever makes you feel good and allows you a greater expression of your dance. I love that material, it is very nature oriented with deep rich colors...Go for it!


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              that sounds pretty.. but i have a question... doesn't that fabric coust a arm and a leg casue it is hand made?????? sounds like alot of money to me!
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                There's one dancer out here, Cecilia Redbird I think. Anyway, she has the prettiest Asian print dress I've ever seen. It's red with gold accents.


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                  My sister has an "asian print" jingle dress that she just finnished making. My mum wasn't too happy with it because she says its not traditional The dress is beautiful though and I think the print style is gonna be around for a while
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                    Nah, it don't cost a arm and leg, you can buy it at pretty much any Jo-Ann fabrics, well at least the ones I been to. I think they look alright, I wouldn't make one though just cuz I see alot of them out there already, but they do look alright.


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                      this is kinda funny that u mentioned this, cuz i couple years bak my ma had found sum real purty asian print material and said hey that would make a real nice dress dontcha think........and i was like oh yeah thatd be pretty cool........but we neva did make that dress lol.......
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