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How do you make your applique?

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  • How do you make your applique?

    Was just wondering how you all make you're applique. Someone told me to draw the design on the fabric b4 I cut it out. Also how do you sew it on? I was thinking about putting some applique on my dress to cover up a few spots that got on my dress when I danced in 100 degree heat and sweated. I just that that maybe an option. :D

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    You can try . I think they should have some info on applique. Also if you hit the library you can check out a few books that'll give you some ideas. There are quite a few online applique sites too.
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      draw your design on paper first, like some heavy (paper bag) type of paper. You can buy this stuff at the fabric store called Wonder.Under (get the light one) iron this on to your fabric and trace your design on the paper side, then cut out your design, iron it on to your dress where you want it to be and stitch around it to re-enforce the hold. Let me know if my instructions are 2 difficult. :Angel2


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        well ya take yer heat n bond.......or whatever it may be called where u are.......and then what i do is know what my design is before hand, then i draw it on the paper side of the heat and bond, and then after i got my design drawn on i iron it on to my fabric and then cut it out along the lines that i drew, back to tha old preskool dayz of cuttin along the line aye!

        after its all cut out i peel off da paper part and iron it on to my main piece of material, or dress or whatever!

        its a real simple process!
        holla back if ya need sum clarification.......:D
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          wonder under is the best thing ever. you draw on it iron it on on there you go. it looks real good for those sharp designs.
          if you really are interested, buy the stuff. the directions you have got for the third time should help you in completeing your project.

          it really is the best.
          it's good for almost any type of fabric.
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            when you buy it by the yard, you get the instructions like 50x's so, you'll never lose those :D


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                heres a lil something that helps me save on material and heat n bond (wonder.under)...
                but a big peice of heat n bond and iron it right onto the material....and do that to all other colors...and then draw on your designs and cut.....and you still have all that left over stuff so you can make the lil stuff for your cuffs or daydress/mens shirt, collar. etc.....saves on alot of material and heat n bond (wonder.under)
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                  heat n bond or wonder under is very helpful if it wasn't for it I probably wouldn't have any hair!! It also keeps the material from slipping while sewing so it makes sewing a breeze!:Thumbs
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                    Hey's the lastest and the greatest on my dress. And I wanna thank everyone for their info. I'm definitely gonna use wonder under on my next dress cause I wanna put a whole lot of applique on it. When I was in the fabric store I found these pretty appliqued roses that you iron on. We ironed them on and hand sewed them, like stitched them on the edges. I have 3 more to do, but it looks really good. I even put them on the cuffs of my jacket part of my dress.


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