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  • Getting back in to the circle

    Hello All,
    I have not danced in about 4 years. After my grandfather passed away I really haven't been into dancing. Now I really would like to get back into dancing again, but not sure how to go about it. My other grandfather was the one who introduced me to the circle but he has been plagued by illness and I can't get a hold of him. Who or where would I go to next?

    Thank you in advance.

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    hi..i know exactly how you feel...i was in same as you...first my dad passed away at 47 from cancer and then year later my nana passed on and then about year or so ago my gramps passed away...needlesstosay i been in and outta the circle...well i can tell you what i had to do and now have to do again.. i have to go through a giveaway...depending on your own tribe some tribes require you offer food to the community and some dont..giveaway ideas were posted once before on a previous thread..check there for ideas...usually it may take about a year to get giveaway items set an amount that you dont want to go over to have to let the mc know ahead of time that your planning on having a giveaway..makesure you have someone to speak for you who will also hand out the items to the MC and so on..the more generous the better but sometimes ya gotta make do with what you already got and not go overboard in spending cuz money doesnt grow on trees *lol*wish it did though*l* another thing make sure you have a speaker or phone number to back you up that way if someone approaches you asking if your dress was blessed and such you have proof that its been done...sometimes your never approached like that and sometimes your are but its good as a backup just in case..i know im leaving something out here oh yay the person who can speak for you who hands out the items it can be a friend,relative or anyone since your gramps cant do it just ask some of your relatives maybe your ma will speak for you..just someone who knows your really best.
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