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Looking for someone to bead moccs for me

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  • Looking for someone to bead moccs for me

    I've already posted this in the beadwork section, but I'm "now" looking for someone to bead me a pair of fully beaded moccasins. I give up on trying to find an already made pair. My sister came across several bags of beads in my mothers closet a while back and they're tons of beads in these bags and I am willing to trade most of the bags of beads for the moccs. I was wondering also if anyone can have them finished for november 29th? Anyone interested let me know. Thanks. :D

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    Hi there Vicki,

    Well, here is a thought for you. Check out EBay. No, not talking about those purple and pink leather moccs you see at tourist places, but there is one woman in particular that makes really pretty fully beaded moccs. I would take a look in EBay. I think there are a few of her pairs on there up for auction right now. I wish I could provide a link, but there are a couple of pairs of fully beaded moccs (not vamp style either, but the plains style). Hope that helps and good luck



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