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what kinda dress style do you prefer?

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  • what kinda dress style do you prefer?

    i wuz jus wondering what kinda dress styles u gurlz the one piece dress...jacket......the ojib style tops? what do you lyk?
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    what kinda dress style do you prefer

    well, this past year I had a one piece dress and it was okay but this year im gonna try the tank dress with a jacket the only thing that i didn't like 'bout the one piece is that it was a hassel to put on. that's just my opinion...i guess there's always something that a person doesn't like 'bout their dress........


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      I tend to stick to one piece dresses. I already have bad enough memory that I dont like to add more accessories that I might just forget at home :)

      There are so many pretty dresses out there though. Wouldnt mind experimenting with the next couple of dresses I make.


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        i like one piece dresses too....but only ones with zipperz...i remember one time i got stuck in mah dress with out one....lmao but newayz.....
        i wanna try sumpin different for mah next dress too
        ~*~¤(¯`·._» >The Prettiest People do the Ugliest things <«_.·´¯)¤ ~*~


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          I like mine... i'm not sure ojib style... so its a dress....with jingles on the top half.... on the bottom half is just fabric... there is an over skirt that has most of the jingles on it... I like it because it doesn't involve hiking the skirt and causing some disrespect...

          I would like however to have a dress with aprons, because the skirt tends to shift... and I don't like that so much... but make do with what you got.

          all's fair in love and pow wow.... see ya around


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            I'm not a big fan of the apron style because the flaps flop around too much. I've been making my dresses with an underskirt that has one or two rows of cones at the hem. Then a one-piece overdress goes on top of that. I have another dress that is 3-piece with underskirt, overdress and cape. The jacket thing sounds interesting but I have yet to try it.


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              the kind you wear?? lol j/k


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                All dress types

                I have all dress types but I prefer the one piece with the slip sewed on the dress. It makes it alot easier to dress and if your running late for Grand Entry you can just slip it on! LOL


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