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  • Moc'z

    Hey there everyone... hope ya'll had a great weekend... Well, i have a question regarding moc's (duh :)) well, i've been slaving away at some new moc's you know, fully beading the top and now, it's time to connect the sole and i'm not sure... i want to put leather but, i'm not sure how to cut it so they won't stretch like a mile long.... and how to connect them... do i sew the whole thing inside out and then turn right side out? I don't want to hurt any of the stiching.... like have any of it break... if you guys can help me out you'd be my super hero's.... if not, thanks for trying :)

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    hmmm...I would make a tracing of the bottom of my foot, cut it out and place it ontop of your sole material....ok then cut around it allowing about 1/2 inch for the seam. Then just handsew beadwork inside or use a sewing machine if you have a leather sewing needle! I would definately sew it inside out and then once your done just turn it inside out won't lose any beadwork unless it was poor to begin with, if it won't stand up to turn inside out once, how will it stand up to Good Luck!


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