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  • fave sidestepper......

    whoz ur fave sidestepper out there?
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    herietta mcgurk!!!!!:D


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      My fav side step dancers would have to be
      Alana Tootoosis- Keeps the traditions alive with her smooth original stylez. You hardly ever see anyone still raise their hand during the downbeats, now that's unique.
      Yvette Ewalk- I like how she dances differ from everyone else, she sure stands out from the rest.
      Serena Bull- She has an awesome side step, really gets into it, on the downbeat she moves forward and it looks really nice.
      Alice Finday(i think that's her name)- really nice side step, like how she raises her fan.


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        i like
        Cepa TwoEagle
        Jackie Klein
        Challis Beetso
        Shannon ??? dont know her last name
        and this one guy friend of mine he can do a side step like no other! lol


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          Is it Shannon Lynn?


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            from out west?


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              Yvett Ewalk......and Tarissa Spoonhunter!


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                Yvette, Yvette,Yvette!
                Don't ever stop dancing


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                  I like Willow Jack. She is contemporary. I like the way she does her fan. There is an older lady that does her fan the same way but doesn't look as smooth about it. I just like the way she works her fan.
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                    I gotta say

                    Alaina Tootoosis
                    Becky Roberts
                    Jennifer Hamilton
                    Willow Jack
                    Denise One Star
                    Gladys St. Clair
                    Gladys Two Eagles


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                      My favorites....

                      Yvette Ewalk
                      Dorothy CrowFeather
                      Cepa Two Eagles


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                        Yvette , Willow & Rowena Roberts
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                          :o i would say - melanie ayoungman and tera firstrider tera is cool in her sidestep and so is melanie
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                            Yvette Ewalk makes me watch...

                            Don't like those ones that are so stiff and rigid, with their fan stuck to their chest and thier elbow pointing out. Ice princess


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                              Yvette Ewalk can kick it!

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