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Cleaning My Cones?

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  • cree_iskwew
    Czechy is right. I have used 'Brasso' or 'Silvo' to clean cones. It is very time consuming and kind of a pain really. Doesn't really get them looking "new" but it does help. I made a dress once for my lil cuzin, her parents asked me if I wanted them to get her new cones, and I told them no, I'd jus do the 'silvo' thing on the ones that they had as they were a little strapped fer cash at the time - boy did I regret that! Horrible job! But I'm glad I was able to help them out.
    Honestly......It would be a whole lot easier jus to get new cones - cleanin them suckz!

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  • Czechy
    I've never tried it myself but I've heard of people using Brasso or Turtle Wax. Even so, it sounds like a lotta work and could be messy.

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  • eagle_plume999
    started a topic Cleaning My Cones?

    Cleaning My Cones?

    hello ppl, i just was wondering if any of you jinglers out there clean their cones if they get tarnished or rusty, or whutever..umm if you do, how do you clean them? any special stuff to clean them with so they look like new, or almost like new?? lol..

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