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Should jingle dress dancers have a competition?

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  • Should jingle dress dancers have a competition?

    Since eveyone has an opinion or knowledge of jingle dress dancers, here is my question. If Jingle dress dancers are supposed to be about praying and only certain people should be jingle dress dancing, then how do you judge a good jingle dress dancer? Should there even be a jingle dress competition, if the dance is considered or likened to praying. So what makes a "good" jingle dancer? Praying? or footwork? Outfit? This seems to contradict many people who are very stern about what jingle dress dancing is all about and for some of those same people to say who is and who isn't a good jingle dress dancer. This is just something to discuss.

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    Good Point

    Not to sure on this but love to dance it, you bring up a good point that it's a prayer dress. If other dance styles can, why not this one?


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      its alrite...

      I think competing myself is long as u dont do it in ur traditional one...if ur gonna compete u should have ur traditional one u use for ceremony uses or traditional powwows n that u have ur fancy one for competition . .cuz its not very good to compete in a sacred dress...but then again what about those northern tradish dancers...n the others..all regalias r sacred so why make a bigger deal outta this one...i still learning lol!.cuz most dancers to pray as the jinglers...
      the creator knows who is and isnt a tradish dancer and who went through the protocols to be one...soo...ppl plz dont call urself tradish if u compete in a tradish dress and did nothing for it ...onen!
      They said nobodys perfect!but they said practise makes perfect!make up your mind!


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        Well, first of all I understand your concern. I think it is ok to compete. I myself have 2 dresses, one for competition and one tradish style... For praying and special dances. I think that there is also a fine line between TRADISH and CONTEMP. I posted a thread about competing and having 2 different jingle catagories. They are 2 totally different dance footwork, and I feel that competition more often sways on the contemp side because it is "prettier." So that leaves room for the tradish dancers to no even get looked at which I think is wrong. There is a time when you should draw the line when it comes to competition and jingle. If you are tradish that is good, if you are contemp that is good but you could also be like me and be both... It depends on my mood and the powwow and what I am dancing for.

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          I think that is an excellent way to approach the situation! 1 dress for prayers, 1 for comps. Would this create a whole different lot of dancers? Those solely dedicated to Comps, not that those don't exist today.


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            good topic, brings up the following question-are contemporary dancers traditional at heart?


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              so its actually okay to be both contemporary and tradish? i always thought its either yar tradish or yar contemp. and it wasnt okay to switch back and forth...maybe im wrong then..


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