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  • Jingle Cone spacing

    I just wanted to know what is the apropreate spacing for the cones when makeing a dress. thank you.

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    depends on how many jingles you need to put on..but I measure mine to a lil over 1/2 an inch..but I use anywhere from 300-450 jingles..but I don't know what is appropriate, maybe you should ask a KWE!
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      Question for Woggs

      Your dresses are so pretty and they seem to lay differently than the others what do you do different? I thought maybe it was the bottom of the dress but not for sure, I have one that the skirt part is so tight that I dont wear it cause if I should need to step over the bench I cant cause of the skirt and there is no way im hikeing up my skirt even with a underskirt it just does not look lady like,and I cant match matrial for it so I dont wear it enless the maker of the dress is at the same dance as me and would like to see her gift in the arena. I have one more question if I may ? the picture that is shown when you post something what is the picture of? I look and look at it but cant seem to figure out what it is please forgive my ignorance. Thank-you Eagle Plumes.
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        I space mine about 1/2 " to 1 " apart depending how the rows are designed (like zig zag, curves...). But 1" is the max. :)
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          it depends how many jingles ya plan to have on yar dress...the more jingles less the space...i had 500 jingles on one of my jingle dresses and it was about an 1/8 space (but im just rough guessing) 350 is about 1/2 inch but it also depends on how wide their rolled....the pencil width rolled jingle you can space them closer than the wide jingles...i could never get them that small...i wonder how do ya do it cuz i could never...


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