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Jingle Jangle Side Stepper Tips!!

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  • TJFS
    i do like a fast round-dances and try to take small steps. but usually by the 2nd push-up i get tired but i try to keep going till the end. but sometimes i hop.

    but i've seen some jinglers vary skipping and do like a round-dance.

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  • ~*~ShanLyn~*~
    well i dance on my if my legs get tired while im dancin.........then i fall flat foot but that looks i practice practice practice til i know i can make it a full song..........;)

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  • eagleclan22
    started a topic Jingle Jangle Side Stepper Tips!!

    Jingle Jangle Side Stepper Tips!!

    Ok all you Jinglin Janglin girls out there I thought it would be nice to make a new post on none other then your favorite Side steppin.....
    Ok here is a question that we should all be interested in....

    what do you do to make side steppin easier on your legs? and do you have any special moves while doing your side step??

    Share ladies share!!

    For myself when my leggies (actually only one of them gets toyyyt)... I will stop stepin sideways on the check.. and just bounce in a circular motion with my fan up and when the checks are done start steppin again...... and if I get real sore legs then just sorta hop like Im steppin:39:,, gawd I love the side step its my fav........ oh another tip from myself would be .
    *dont bounce too much, make it graceful not bouncy*

    If you do it right all them neechee boys will chase ya like this....

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