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Man comes with the outfit

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  • Sweet Syilx
    gotta agree with you there, red summit. That was a beautiful dress she was wearing at Kamloopa. Absolutely loved the material of her dress, its very beautiful and creative.


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  • red_summit
    Melody Ayoungman's outfit. The one that has three different colors. Red at the bottom, yellow/orange in the middle and a golden yellow at the top. Because I think it's beautiful, and it reminds me of a sunset. I wouldn't want to take her design or her outfit, but I envy it :)

    As for the guy.. :dontknow: I'm gonna have to think about it :Naughty :Lips: :seenoevil


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  • eagleclan22
    well you can pick more then one guy,.. if you like... I would, lol... its a womans world aint it?

    shhh dont tell anyone this but Darcy Anaquot is hot

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  • TJFS
    i would pick tahnee williams' outfit. Her dresses are always so gorgeous and that material is hard to find.

    which guy? does it have to be one?:Naughty

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  • eagleclan22
    started a topic Man comes with the outfit

    Man comes with the outfit

    If you could have anyones entire outfit.........

    Whos would it be?

    Why did you choose that one?


    Which man would you like to go with it??

    :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter :Chatter

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  • CloudN9ne
    sTOLEN oUTFIT!!! aT tHE kYI-yO nINE!!
    by CloudN9ne
    That green outfit was stolen at kyi-yo 49 last year!!! Whoever that one man band was better return it to Jordan "Pacheco" Stasso so he will quti crying around about it!!
    i bet it's at a pawnshop somewhere!!!...
    05-02-2008, 10:53 AM
  • sunsign
    nicest outfit?
    by sunsign
    Who's got the nicest outfit/s out there?
    01-06-2003, 07:16 PM
  • Tiyospaye Yazzie
    Who gets the point?
    by Tiyospaye Yazzie
    A guy in fully beaded outfit and great set of bustles or the guy with a mediocre outfit and matching bustles? IF! The guy with the superb out fit poorly danced and the guy with the not so good outfit danced very well. The point goes to who? Would you judge by how their outfit looks or by how they danced....
    07-14-2004, 04:30 PM
  • Joe G
    by Joe G
    Subject: Homeless man

    A man was walking down the street when he was approached by a
    particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless man who asked him for a
    couple of dollars for dinner.
    The man took out his wallet, extracted 10 dollars and asked, "If I give...
    02-19-2005, 10:56 PM
  • neling4
    by neling4
    This is a true story. Honest!

    While lurking about my favorite book store a few weeks ago, I overheard this conversation between the book store owner and his friend:

    "Oh look! There's Dean's GIANT SIZE MAN THING!

    You have that GIANT SIZE MAN THING out every...
    05-11-2010, 05:09 PM



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