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    Hey guyz,

    Still lookin for someone to bead me a pair of moccs (fully beaded in just the front). Pm me if you're interested. We can work out a payment, a trade, or do a 1/2 payment, 1/2 trade. I have 3 months til I dance again, so there would be no rush in it. Oh yeah, just to let everyone know, I'm gonna bead my 1st project on my own. A drop to go w/ my choker. :D

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    I would do it for you, but I have some beading of my own to finish as well. I just started myself new beadwork about 4 days ago and I just finished my hair peices and choker n choker drop..still gotta do my own leggings n moccs and other little accessories.

    but if it was like for this summer I could have helped you...

    The thought that counts though eh :)

    Some guys are good with their drum sticks.... and some just arent...:karate:


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      You know, Vicki, in the amount of time that you have been looking for someone to do it, you could have had them done by now *LOL* If you got three months, you might want to think about it. No time like the present to learn something new.



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        Yeah, just bead them yourself!!:D


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