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I'm back :-) And I've got more questions!!

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  • I'm back :-) And I've got more questions!!

    Hey all :-) Been a couple months since I've been on last. Things have been so hectic lately! I didnt get to enjoy much off time with my broken foot. Ended up with manager position at work, and they found things for me to do sitting down :p

    My dress is coming along quite nicely. I have one side fully done as far as ribbonwork and jingles. I have another 100 cope lids cut and trimmed waiting to be rolled, and I'm busy recruiting anyone I see chewing cope to save me the lids :p The pool league at work saves me 10-15 lids a week!! I also have quite a collection of gold cope lids (long cut and pouches) and several skoal chewers offering to save me the lids (I know you cant mix cope and skoal, but do you all think I should go ahead and save them for something else???)

    Now I'm starting to focus on my belt. I have some really nice conchos (i think they're about 2 inches wide) for my belt. I've tried searching this forum for belt ideas, but havent found anything. Heres my questions:

    How wide is wide enough without being to wide? I'm short, 5'5", and I dont want to go to wide that it looks silly. I was thinking 3 inches wide??

    What type of leather do I use? Do I want something heavy and stiff?, or more flexible?

    How on earth do I go about attatching the conchos? do I use another strip of leather to weave thru the middle of them?

    What kind of fastening do you use? I was thinking of punching holes down each end, then lacing the belt together? Or is it better to use snaps of some sort?

    I guess I better throw in that I scrapped the idea of my last top for my dress ( the t-dress style over shirt kinda thing) And I'm thinking of going with a bolo type jacket. Short enough to show my belt. Anyone use this type of jacket? and where on earth did you find a pattern for it? I've tried every pattern book, and all I can find are the shrug type jackets, that dont come together in the front, just cover your arms and shoulders.

    Thanks gals :) I hope everyone is doing well:)


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    you mean a bolero jacket??? um anyways,no 3'' isn't too wide...


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      haha! Yeah, I meant bolero...I have a habit of calling them bolo jackets..hehe... Vests just dont look right on me at all, and I'd like to be able to take the jacket and sleeves off since I get overheated way to easy.


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        hey you know anybody that sews? they could probably alter a pattern for a shrug so it closes in tha how you were talkin about...but sharon eagleman has a little jacket like that & she looks dope...


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          3 inches is fine! i mean don't go anymore then 4 i would do like 3 and a half... but that is just me
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            I think thats what I may end up doing supergirlie_fancy1, just going to a seamstress and asking her to help make it...I was hoping to find a pattern for what I wanted, but I havent had luck yet. I had to laugh though, when I first read your message, I thought you said "she looks like a dope" not "looks dope" haha!! had me all worried for a second there!


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