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Trendy new Jingle style :-)

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  • Trendy new Jingle style :-)

    Hey all, what do you think? New jingle fashion trend? :Tongue :p

    I'm sorry, I couldnt resist
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    LMAO I seen that on Ebay too! I was all like......... okkaayyyy..
    they called this is the actual dress, a very old very sacred dress that was actually used in ceremony or something like that eh? (I mean the jingle dress itself is sacredbut this one makes crazy suggestions) like wearing this one with high heels n stuff to outings n whatnot.

    lmao I gotta make one of them head dresses for myself too!
    And you cant forget ladies above the knee is what is *IT* this summer


    Some guys are good with their drum sticks.... and some just arent...:karate:


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      lol thats crazy, if I ever start dancing jingle i know where to get my dress from ayyyyyyyyyy!:p
      "You know, sometimes it's a good day to die, and sometimes it's a good day to dance."


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        There you go SHannon_Lynn!!! THat's ur new dress!!!!!!


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          Yeah, they called it an actual "vintage hand-sewn north american Indian jingle dance dress covered with hand rolled Copenhagen snuff can lids, and crafted in stunning lime and forest greens with irridescent hot pink trims."

          and lower in the description it says "(the flower headband is not really part of the ensemble - we were just playing :)"

          Thank goodness they cleared that up LOLOL

          It just made me laugh so hard to see the pose the manekin was in, w/ that short dress on, and the headband, oh and you cant forget about the hand full of trinkets LOL too funny I can just see some of the wackos around here showing up in that ensemble.....really....I guess its more sad than funny!!


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            Originally posted by bllue_ocean

            There you go SHannon_Lynn!!! THat's ur new dress!!!!!!
            i could make that work...lmao jkz id be real jammin
            ~*~¤(¯`·._» >The Prettiest People do the Ugliest things <«_.·´¯)¤ ~*~


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              Shannon said she'd wear it!!!! First Place!!!!!:Thumbs


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                somebody stole my idea for my next dress *ROFLMAO*



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