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  • which type of leggings

    I am wondering what is the best type of leegings does everyone prefer to use? Either cloth or tanned hide.:39:

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    Well I like to bead on cloth for leggings...either canvas or that crib bedding stuff!! It's a lot easier to get the needle through... then you can always wash them if you need to!


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      yeah what she said! :D:50: :50:
      There can only be 2 moccasins on your feet at one time...however life has given me many pair...along with a needle, thread and really sharp teeth to cut with...lmao


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        I always do all my beadwork on cloth backed with interfacing all stretched on a big embroidery hoop or frame. If the peice is stiff enough to stand up on its own, I'll back it with pretty calico or cotton broadcloth for a lining. If the peice needs more body, then I back it with medium thickness leather (usually cheaper cowhide, cuz you won't see it on the inside of a legging). That's for fully beaded leggings. For partially beaded leggings, I just bite the bullet and bead directly on white deerskin. I break a few needles but it looks great!


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          I use beaded leggins
          This is life, and I'm lovin it!


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            I have black velvet with a canvas lining so it doesn't scrunch up. I like it. I like beaded leggings too. As long as they work, any leggings are fine I think. Matching is preferred ;)


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              i like cloth the best


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                I use cloth and canvas.


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                  whatever as long as they are um I think canvas or no even better.... crib lining is good......that doesnt fray!!!!!!
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