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  • Story of the Jingle?

    hey all!!
    im going to be in a non native pageant and im thinking about doing a native talent.

    i dance cloth but i want to tell the story of the origin of the jingle dress because i love it so much and perhaps a small dance exhibition.

    ive heard the story but i want a really detailed story that would take about 2 mins-3-4mins to tell.

    if u know the story help please do!!!!:):dontknow: :Jumping: :Frog :Wave :Chatter :Help

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    Ooooo you're going to get tons of responses on this one! But maybe try the Jingle Dress forum archives I know there are posts on some threads of people telling what they've heard about the origin! Otherwise wait for replies to this one! :)


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      OMG, lol, watch out with these topics about this sort of thing.... (EX. Take a look in the Fancy Shawl forum under *learn to dance*)

      Ok now that its actually gotten here, I mean I dance jingle Im Ojibway and live in Ojibway country, born n raised on my rez... (ahhhhh) . I hear this story over and over, but now that its actually come to someone wanting to do this dance for a talent show thingy....

      I have also did a presentation on the jingle dress.
      I did this dance when I ran for the MIW pagent in 97.. ( at this time I knew alot about the dance, I have danced it already at this time for years on end.. and had a good knowledge not only about the dress dance but other things as well) anyways.. I have been dancing since I could walk, I mostly danced fancy later when I got a bit older I started to dance jingle. But really now, I can actually see where Powwowchick n the other fancy girls are coming from.

      But my advice.....

      Do something you know about.
      Dont rush this. The jingle dress and jingle dance is not something that should be * exploited * (pardon my choice of words).. but I cant find a better word to use. Dont learn the dance to *show off*, but rather use it in the right way. Which in *my opinion* (I dont know about anyone else's .. would be to learn it out of the love of it, rather then learning it to show like a circus act.... (again try not to mind my choice of words, Im not trying to turn this into a big screaming match, nor offend anyone)

      But coming from myself in my own opinion and giving a little advice, I know that this wont stop you from doing it...
      Still I suggest to present something that you know about, something that YOU love instead of throwing all this together. Theres got to be something that you know a lot more about.

      Some guys are good with their drum sticks.... and some just arent...:karate:


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        what about cloth dancing?:)

        Some guys are good with their drum sticks.... and some just arent...:karate:


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          Hey LumbeeTurtle :Wave

          I read your post and took a few minutes to chew on it...I'm hoping that this comes across well.

          I tend to agree with Eagleclan and with you. I would stay closer to something that I know/do. Maybe you could speak about your tribe, powwows, then lead into women's dance styles...the reason you dance cloth...etc. (keeping it short and sweet to fit into your time limit and at the same time educating instead of showboating *so to speak*) This way it'll be more of a presentation and won't turn into a petting zoo. Just a thought. ;)
          SHAKE IT!!!!


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            ok i took some time to think about ur responses and maybe i didnt make myself quite clear....
            I do not want the main focus of my talent to be dancing I want it to be storytelling --- i had not even decided if i would dance or not.
            storytelling would work well with me-- i chose jingle dress because i love to watch jingles dance and i love to hear the story of the dress so i thought that it would be a good story to tell---im not trying to offend anyone.---and if i had decided to dance i would make sure that i did it properly--- i have a while to prepare and do not wish to disgrace myself or heritage by presenting something so important poorly.


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              i agree with eagleclan mostly because no matter how u do, it is not you! when do a pagent you are suppose to being doing something that is you, the Jingle Dress is not, story telling of someother tribe dance is not something from you, i am sure that there is something directly related to Your tribe not someone elses, beside just cause u watch it and enjoy watching others dance, it doesnt mean u have the right to exploit to your best interest. If you want to do that way, then be it your choice right but not the correct one. but then ones opinion is not that of others
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                original story of the jingle dress

                This is about the first lady who wore the jingle dress. The story is told in her own words translated from Ojibwe.

                You can check it out on this webstie

                Hope this helps you out.


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                  I really didn't want this to turn into a thing about rather or not i should do this as a talent. What i wanted was a nice detailed story of the orgin of the dress. I probably would be upset if I thought someone was just misusing my traditions, but that's not what I'm doing. I have already given native appearances and presentations in regalia- cloth and skin and even without either just my plumes.--not in a competition like setting im an advocate of trying to help the non native community understand and appreciate my culture. there are many stereotypes that ive help some ppl to understand why its not true.

                  I am very proud of my heritage and have studied it for several years, because i've wanted to dance since I was young, but didn't have the privelage to have a family that had me in the sircle from birth. I had to fight to get my outfit and I had to research design and learn the meaning of it myself and no one ever really showed me how to dance i never got a pow wow tape until the week b4 my first pow wow. I know what i do because i have worked for that information. I just assume that i am doing something right from the responses that i receive at pow wows about my outfit and dance, unless they are just being polite. I've had ppl i didnt know or hardly knew come up to me after my first competition and tell me that it was great.

                  All that to say whenever i do something a lot of time and thought go into it and if a person looks at the dances at a pow wow from an outsider's perspective maybe after hearing the story they will understand why ladies are dancing that style.

                  i dont know i think i just wasted time typing this out because everyone seems to think that its not important for me to tell this story because im not of that tribe or because i havent danced it. but it is relating to me. and i do completely understand that im not as qualified to do this as someone else may be but, all i can do is my best


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