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    Where can I get good quality jingles? I'm in the process of cleaning my dress and noticed that my jingles have tarnished. I guess that happens to all of them, I don't know. My dress is light colored and so the tarnish has rubbed off on it. I was just wondering how people with white jingle dresses then keep that from happening. I just need to know which kind of jingles to get.

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    I get my jingles from this place. I use the redwood ones because they last alot longer.

    here is the site,


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      Yes yes, redwood...I find they are really good and last long as well
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        Semicrome is good for removing tarnish from jingles. Myself, all I use is Copenhagens.
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          that above link is thee place ya wanna go to...ya can buy them for cheap price in bulk.. i would go with the silver creek...ive had silver creek jingles on what used to be my jingle dress (now its torn apart due to my washing machine)for many many years and they lasted a long long as you take good caer of your jingles theyll last the dude gave me a good price for 500 jingles and i think its still that where after so many jingles shipping is free


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   is the site for the redwoods and indian time
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