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  • dancing again

    Hello all! I just want to say, I am going to start dancing jingle again I danced when i was in teens but quit do to alot of health reasons and family loss but now i am raring to go in womens.I've been doing alot of different beadwork for myself but
    the thing is I am app. 5'11-6' and i play alot of sports so i have a athletic shape and think that i will get laughed at or what not-what do you think?
    "make friends,not enemies"

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    Why could you possibly get laughed at ? I think that it's great that you are already athletic and it will definitely help you out when you start dancing again. Better than having to struggle with getting into shape again.

    The best of luck to you. Glad to hear that you are starting to dance again. I have just started dancing myself again last year after a four year hiatus :)



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      you wouldnt get laughed at! heck i think thats like a big benefit......cuz then you'll get noticed more and stand out better!

      Good Luck! Dancing is sooo much fun :D
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        All I gotta say is... "go girl!" HEhe, I am too a tall jingler, but that don't really faze me ya know, we come in all packages. :) It's good you're already in shape too, I was like Sweet too, I just started up again after about a good 4 years, something like that, it's alot harder now that Im in my 20s and after a few babies, but hey, I got a few jinglers as dancing "role models", I personally look up to Karen Pheasant, cuz she jams pertty good and is not as young as some of us.


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          I don't see anything wrong with a tall woman dancing:) Hola! You just go there and kick some ***:D


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