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    okay i have one more thing to say, but only because i have been given information that seems to point in the direction that there may be some crow on my face. my friend has emailed me back and i will put his response here. it must be that the souix that i know including him do not use the word costume around shinobs because they know it offends.

    first is what i sent him in my mail:
    just wanting to pick your you know this to be true?

    most of the elder people call these pow wow outfits (all styles) a costume. It isn't meant as any disrespect, it is just the common terminology used. The sioux word for these outfits is Lakota Wokoyake which literally translates into "Lakota items you tie on" and this is most often transferred into costume.

    school me on the truth please.

    here is what he sent back:
    I don’t know…growing up in south Dakota I always heard and used the word “costume”. Kinda just what we called it. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve heard it called “regalia” or “outfit”…I think the latter two are kinda ridiculous and you can still hear me call it a “costume”. Every now and then I’ll say “uniform” just to be ornery. Our people can’t even agree on the proper way to pray, so I would say that if people give me a hard time, they can kiss my arse. But…. My issue is calling it a “pow-wow” in the first place. I mean how archaic!? Makes our people seem primitive or something. And then I don’t really like the whole culture around the “pow-wow”, I can see its historical value but people have manipulated everything so much now that its totally lost its intrinsic value. People not using family designs, people dancing styles that aren’t from their tribe, women wearing feathers when they aren’t supposed to, singers that drink, dancers that drink etc. etc. etc. BUT….i’ve also heard people say that its one of those words that we have come to “own”. Much like women have with “B**ch” or black people with the “n-word”.

    so there i have it from the mouth of a souix lol. i still feel the same way though. call your regalia a costume all you want but do nto call our Jingle Dress a costume if for no other reason then to respect what you think is so beautiful that you want to dance in it.


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