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    I've posted something about this before, but was wondering just how many people go with the vest. What have you people, in areas where the larger powwows are, observed? Are they as popular as they seem to be? I know the beaded vests are a new trend (as of last year) but have only seen pics of about three dancers at the most who have had beaded vests on. What do you all think about the beaded vest trend? I may just start making one for myself since it isn't to common in my area. Thanks!

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    One of the girls I contested with at my college pow-wow had a beaded vest(1998) and I loved it but I can't find anyone that will bead one for me. Since then I haven't see anyone else with a beaded vest. I think they are stylish if they look right. Maybe we'll see more on the trail this year?
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      I've only noticed a few beaded vests at powwows I been to Yvette Ewalk and I think Denise One Star has one too but I seen pics of the Gathering of Nations and seen a few more I think they look nice....shows that a lot of time and work went in to those outfits!


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        Well, I am half done with a vest for myself. I was not orginally making it for jingle dancing but if I can wear it for that, I certainly will. As for other dancers wearing them. i have not seen any but then again i don't get out much..LOL!!


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          the girllz i know that have beaded vests are Yvette Ewack , Denise Onestar, Kristi Yuzincappi, and thas bout it
          it looks good on jingle dresses i think, even applique ones


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            The applique silk vests are beautiful but the beaded ones look great too. I dont see too many of them up here in the NorthEast...
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